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Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm starting to make some headway on my Fundraising. Whew!

Let me tell you, Fundraising can be damn discouraging.
I don't know if I am just not pushy enough?
Too shy?
Smell? lol
...Or what.
Today has been a good day though. Pay Day! lol
It's been a bit easier to approach my colleagues with my desperate face. Pitiful. lol

LMAO! Tryna be funny!
I can hear my momma now, complaining about the wrinkles in my forehead!
What an ugly photo! lol
They're awesome though. I work with some great people.

I still hate it though. Always have. (I remember the days I had to pull mom duty and sell chocolates or cookies for the kids at school. Oh...or for my daughter's baton club. Ugh)
Even if it's for a good cause, I still hate it! (Obviously because i'm not good at it. lol)
In this case, the Hospital for Sick Children which is definitely a great cause.
A Midsummer Night's Run

Other than the fundraising, i'm doing my part. I'm training. 8 Miles.
15k will be within my reach soon enough.
I have another long training run to do this weekend. Push myself a bit farther. Just hope the weather will be decent because it has totally sucked the last few days. In fact, I know I saw SNOW coming down this morning on my way to work. Mother Nature just doesn't realize it's almost June. She must be finally getting old!! lol

Furman, well, he'll be in Jamaica next week - on business. (Already!) He'll get to flash his PR Card. lol Hope he brings some decent weather back home with him. I'm clearly in the wrong line of work. lol
Almost left my job once to be a flight attendant though. hahahaha True Story!
Whatever will I do while he is gone? PARTAY!!!  jk jk He knows me! I wont be doing jack! Nada! Other than my dance classes and my training. After all, I've gotta do a 10k with Catie next weekend. (Her first). Gotta be ready.
No Bling though.


Anyways....here's wishing everyone an awesome weekend.

Thanks again to all that have sponsored me and those that are still thinking about it.
You Rock!
It may not seem like it, but i'm actually about half way to my goal. Yay!
Help me get there if you can.
Pledge Me

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