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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I'm Missing

I miss my husband!
But, I know that he is working hard where he is. That's just what he does!
He is perfect for his job.
He's been soo nice to post some photos on Facebook of what he's been upto, where he is. Gotta love him!
Rub it in, rub it in. lmao
So...I thought I would steal a few to share with my readers.

I'll assume from this photo he is not missing me too too much.
He's getting some love from Zoe!
Sandals/Beaches Resorts
We got married at Beaches Negril in 2011. Oh how I miss the beach. These photos were taken by my wonderful husband at various Sandals/Beaches locations in Ocho Rios. Looks like he is in Montego Bay today, according to his check in on Facebook. I'll look forward to his new photos.

For those not familiar with the Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts are for families whereas Sandals is adults only. So yeah, if you are reading this and are in need of a vacation, Sandals and Beaches are absolutely breathtaking. Get there! There are many that can help with your booking, or, if you are in Canada...I'm sure my husband would be happy to assist too. Just sayin!

Delirious without hubby! lol
But yeah, I think when I get home tonight i'll have to spread my beach towel on the living room floor with an open umbrella, and put on my bikini in front of a heater (the tan effect, gotta feel the heat) with a drink in hand so I can pretend i'm there. lmao Can you imagine? I know, i've lost my mind.

I've been imagining that my husband has been roaming the resort with Big Bird. lol Oh wait a minute, that is not part of my imagination, it's a True Story. haha                                

Anyways...while I await further updates from my husband on what he is upto, I just thought I'd blog since I had the time. After all, it's been a busy week for me. Dance class on Monday, then I went to a Fundraising Event/Dinner for the Gideons (supporting the Gideons makes it possible for others to have their own copy of God's Word in their own language) last evening followed by a late movie with my lovely daughter. That's actually where the delirious photo above came from. We were fooling around in the theater and had to snap a photo. I just cropped her out because I haven't shared any photos of my daughter in my blog. Oh, and let me go ahead and post the trailer for the movie we saw because I swear that before last evening I had never even heard of it. lol Big part of the reason for that is probably because I usually fast forward through commercials on the PVR. It wasn't too bad. Was worth some laughs.

Tonight, like I said, it's all about me! And, taking myself to the beach! hahaha You never know, I just might really do it! Then, dance class tomorrow and voila....my hubby is back home Friday and will be ready to support me (and Catie) on a run this weekend - Running4Home - 10k.

Happy Hump Day!
Furman, if you are reading this.......MISS YOU BABY!!

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