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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day

What a busy weekend and absolutely awesome Mother's Day!

This years's Mother's Day was extremely special because my daughter took part in The Chocolate Race with me. She sure did. Not something she usually does which is why it meant even that much more to me. Love her! And, we topped off our day with a visit with Mom!! Can't miss that. Every year I usually take her to Mother's Day service at church but we had to miss out this year because of the run. But she was ok with that. All she cared about was being able to see me and I wasn't going to let her down.

Saturday evening, Furman and I joined in on the fun with a new social group at our church - The Mix. This group was created for those 25-40yrs of age. But, when we figured out that they weren't going to be carding anyone and since Furman and I look pretty good for our age anyways, the group leader was more than welcoming for us to join in. So, while we did bowling a week before, this time we met with about 15 others at a local Mexican Restaurant, Made In Mexico. It was actually really good food and of course the company of people we were with was awesome. Look forward to the next event we'll attend. Love my church family.

By the time we got home, my friend Catie was there. She lives hella far so it's always easier for her to come to town and travel with us in the morning. Our race was in St Catharines, Ontario which is about 2hrs away from my home so we had an early morning. Only problem, it was damn cold for some reason. After a week of decent weather, I don't know who Mother Nature was pissed off at. lol Wasn't me!! But if you know runners, you know that we ran anyways. lol

When we picked up our race packet there was a big disappointment. Apparently there had been a printing error. So, instead of our shirts saying IRun4Chocolate, this is what we got..... Now, what the hell is that? Vollie? We can't even claim it was supposed to say volleyball because it's spelled wrong. Tsk, Tsk. Some people took their permanent markers and crossed off Vollie to write Run (like Catie, on the right)...but it's just not the same. lol It'll go with my running shirt collection nonetheless. Oh, and as you'll notice to the right, Catie got 2 medals! She sure did. I am soo proud of her. She came 2nd in her age group with a time of 28:11. Left me in the dust! I finished at 31:50 which is around my usual finish time anyways. Still dreaming of under 30 minutes.
But.... we got our bling!!
Here is me and my running partner in crime! Love her!

We will be doing our 1st 1/2 Marathon in September. Ooo boy!                                             
First, she's gotta play catch up and get her first 10k race under her belt. That, will be in a few weeks, and I have yet to register. Shame on me! Running4Home

Anyways, after the race and the awards ceremony we couldn't wait to get out of there. It was too darn cold to hang around. But, we did get a taste of the pink champaigne that was at the finish, and our selection of chocolates in a bag. Lord knows that I wasn't going to stop at the water/chocolate stations during the race to grab the skewers of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered marshmallows. Oh noooo...that would have slowed me down for sure. lol So, i've got my treats in my lunchbag for today.

As I mentioned earlier, Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without seeing my Mom. So once we arrived home from the race we got changed and headed out because Mom was waiting, patiently! Took her out for an awesome dinner. I know that I was completely famished. You can see from her smile, that she was extremely happy. Made for the perfect ending to an awesome Mother's Day.

Home in time to watch Game 6 of the hockey game and well, I got through first period and that was it. hahaha I was knocked out! Cold! Hey!!!I was tired!! It was a long day. lol

Special Thank You to my daughter for running the race with her mom. Words cannot explain how much that meant to me. (I know she will be sore today) And thanks to my husband and dear friend Catie for helping me start the day off right! Thanks also to my mom, for always making me smile.
Son, i'm looking forward to Mother's Day once a month now. lol.
I love you all!

Now, to start a great week, starting with tonight's Game 7 that I will definitely see after my dance class. Second Class.
Go Leafs Go!!
Oh, and to follow up on the delivery of Mom's Prize. Today, is supposed to be the day!! Fingers crossed.
Already heard that the President of Housing will be paying a special visit to Mom's apartment today. lol Things are gonna get done!! Finally! Then, we'll celebrate.

Have a great week everybody!
God Bless

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