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Monday, April 8, 2013

What A Scare

Before I tell you what I am talking about let me just say this:
Thank You Jesus.
You are an Awesome God.
My family and I are thankful to be alive for another day.

The morning has been off to a rough start.
My daughter learned a very valuable lesson. Something I've been telling her time and time again. Do not walk away from your cooking! Do not cook when you are tired! Something we all need to take heed of if we haven't already, and make sure we drill this into our children who are at the cooking ages.
My family learned this morning....our smoke alarms work!!
They sure as hell do. lol
Happy to be able to laugh about it and share now. So, that's what I am doing because there is a lesson in this for us all.
Actually, between you and me, I had them tested last week. lol With Furman working now, I've been home after work to cook dinner. Yes, I've been a bit rusty. lol So, a few times the detector closest to my kitchen had annoyingly gone off. You know...reacting to smoke from splattered grease in the oven. lol
That's all.

Well, this morning was much much different. The alarm further away from my kitchen and closest to the bedrooms went off about 4am. I've never seen Furman move so fast in my life. It was like he was wearing a damn cape! I followed just as fast behind him.
What we found....a pot on the stove that had boiled out....completely. Smoke completely filling the kitchen and living room areas and obviously creeping towards the bedrooms. My daughter, sound asleep on the couch! She woke up when she heard us thunder up the stairs though. lol Go figure! I rushed to turn the stove off, Furman dealt with silencing the alarms and opening windows. Then, we both started waving towels and stuff to help the smoke dissipate. My daughter....I have no clue what she was doing at that point. Probably waving a towel too. I'm sure she was very frightened being woke up out of her sleep under these circumstances. I'm sure that all the times I got after her and my son for not watching their food and cooking when they are tired came back to haunt her - big time. Poor thing! I got frustrated because I had earlier in the evening made a good dinner. Ribs! Now, for those who read my previous post you might find this funny. I had previously taken them out to cook before finding out what I was going to have at Dinner & A Movie. So, I cooked them but really didn't eat them because I met my weekend quota of ribs. That means that there were leftovers my daughter could have gone too. Instead, she decided to cook something else to ensure that there were ribs leftover for Furman and I. Isn't she sweet? lol What was she making? I know you might be curious so i'll tell ya....she was boiling shrimp. hahaha

Well, we got everything under control (definitely had conversation with my daughter) and you can imagine how my place smells now. Not sure how long it will take for the smell to leave. I can't get the smell out of my nose. Do I smell like smoke? Maybe it's in my hair. Ugh! I'm just happy my alarms came to the rescue. But i'm curious as to why the alarm that was easily going off when I was cooking last week, didn't go off this time. Hmmm? Makes me think back to an episode of Dateline that I started to watch earlier in the week. They were talking about the different kinds of smoke alarms. I had put it on hold to watch with Furman after it followed something that happened recently in the news. Delayed fire detection a factor....

So, in light of what happened in my home this morning I should share. This is a great clip to watch with some useful information. Please watch. Make sure you have the right kind of smoke detectors in your home and that your batteries have been changed. Don't assume your batteries are operational. A known rule has been to change them every time daylight savings kicks in...at least. The alarm that worked this morning....was photoelectric.

I love my daughter....and like I said, I only pray that she has truly learned from this very valuable experience. Things could have been soo much worse and I truly believe that she realized that this morning. It was scary! And son, if you are reading this...I love you too....and so happy that i'm here for another day to tell you that. Remember my getting after you for the same thing and please be careful.

So, to end my post so I can get to work and put this experience behind me, I thought I would share an absolute classic clip from In Living Color. Sooo funny. Fire Marshall Bill. Enjoy!!

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