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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Pole Dance!
This girl is GOOOOOD!!

Seriously!.....ok, stop laughing! It wasn't that funny.

When I started blogging last year I came across another blog where a young lady in Australia was sharing about her experiences learning to Pole Dance. Lol Baybeetea-Pole Practice I read a few of her posts and browsed through some of her photos. I have to admit, I was interested. Curious to say the least. Lol Just figured I was too old to be doing something like pole dancing. Haha

Anyways, over the weekend when I was skimming through my Facebook newsfeed , I noticed that someone on my friends list had "liked" a place called Spinbuddies . Well, THAT caught my attention. So I looked into it further. Eventually, I sent an email for more information. It was close to home. Yup, I was that serious. I was actually considering this. In fact, when I mentioned my interest to Furman, he thought it was a great idea and was very supportive. Imagine that! Lol So now, I was even more interested. When I got a response to my email with pricing, I dug further for class times. I was getting excited. I'm going to do this! The website indicated that there were classes starting the first week of May. Hmmm? That might give me some time to work on some upper body strength? Yeah right! After all, I've been running to get ready for The Chocolate Race next month. Trying to get in shape. Think Spinbuddies might be another fun way to do it.

Well, yesterday I was offered a spot in a 7pm class. Oh, but one thing..... "Classes start tonight!" Bahaha I sent Furman a text message and after his response, it was a done deal! It didn't make sense to try out a class when I already knew that I was interested in doing it. After all, it's all about the experience, the stories, and the people you get to meet. Oh, and the workout! lol Sooo....I rushed home after work to get my shorts and a tank top and head over to the home studio.

Wow! What a beautiful place! A beautiful studio in the basement of her beautiful home. (Check out the website I listed above for photos and other info) It had about 10 poles in a room surrounded by mirrors. Absolutely beautiful. Class was an hour and the cost was $129 for 6 sessions. Seemed reasonable to me. Furman agreed. It was a good class too. I definitely busted a sweat. lol They say you lose about 400 calories doing this stuff. That's just fine with me. We learned some basics and were promised to be sore for the next fews days. Otherwise, we were told she didn't do a good job. Me...I bruise easy...so I'm confident that I will have those.
Class started with a warm up, then we learned a few pole moves with some practice, and then a cool down which included some stretches that Furman previously taught me. Clearly, i'll need to do much more of those. Will only help with my pole dancing. lol I was spinning around a pole. No lie! In my wildest dreams maybe (lol), but now, in reality. Of course, without dollars being thrown at me! It's all about the exercise! Have you not seen the things people can do on a pole? That's why I shared the video above. Crazy! Had such a great time, even though I got pole burn, that I decided to take a deal that was offered. Spinbuddies was opening another studio at another location that was kind of on the way home from work and only slightly out of the way. It was offered to those already registered....that if we wanted to also take the Thursday classes that will start next week (when the new studio opens), that we'd get them for half price. That's still not even close to all the money I used to spend on my daughters baton classes. lol I didn't even have to text Furman. I jumped at the opportunity to do something different for myself. So...I'm all set for the next 6 weeks or so with pole dancing classes twice a week. lol I'll be an expert in no time!! Ok...maybe not quite...but i'll certainly be better than when I started. haha Not that i'll need the skill for any employment opportunities!! I'm just sayin! But hopefully i'll start building some beautiful muscle tone while i'm having a bit of fun and making new friends. The people there are really nice. And no....it wasn't just young girls doing it! I fit in. lol

Anyways...I just thought I would share my new adventure. I thought you'd get a kick out of what I was upto. I know some people think I'm crazy already....so i'm rollin with it! lol Hey, I made sure not to book my Wednesday evenings. Even though Furman's new office hours interfere with his attendance, i'll still be going to our Marrieds Classes at church. lol I can just fill him in on what he misses. That's all. Borrow videos or something. No biggie! Besides, Furman threatened me that if I booked the Wednesday he'd be happy to tell them what I skipped class to do. hahahaha jk jk I WOULD NEVER!!

Thanks for inspiring me Baybeetea. I'm doin' it!
Thanks to my most awesome husband for being supportive and encouraging while I get my sexy on! lol
Love you Furman!

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