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Friday, April 5, 2013

Change is...

Furman is completing his first week of Canadian employment today. I know he's happy to have to get up every day and put on his businessman attire. He always looks quite sharp too I might add. I mean he gets compliments at church all the time. lol But anyways.....He's had a pretty good week despite the fact that his own space in the office isn't quite ready yet. lol You know it's gotta be hard for Mr Organized to have to sit and use someone else's desk. lmao Yup....just like the photo says....it's a process. Things take time. He'll have his own spot soon enough that he can call home at the office.

I already know that he's made an impression on his new co-workers. That's MY MAN! lol After all, the man had already organized materials that he will need on the job into binders with tabs and neat labels. I know that if I saw him enter my office as the new person put down his books, his office Bible, i'd be like "Well Damn!" lol He was telling me the other night how he had already downloaded the user manual for the phone that he will eventually have on his desk too. I'm sure his co-workers got a good laugh about that. What can he say? He likes to be prepared. Instead of trying to learn something as he goes along, he is proactive to learn what he needs to learn to avoid any disruption to his customer because he needs to figure things out. Nope, not my Furman...he thinks of others. Like he says...remember the 6 P's: PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE. (Think I got it right) I gotta say too...I was just telling my daughter the other day that there are certainly a lot of things that we can learn from Furman that will only help. Mind you, I'm sure there is a thing or three that he can learn from us too. lol Just haven't figured out what that is quite yet.

I've done pretty good being the wife adjusting to a new role. Right now he gets home from work a few hours after I do. That gives me time to ensure something is prepared for dinner, maybe get a little exercise in, or just chill out after a stressful day at my own job. Not sure how long this will last. Oh....and this week....has definitely been a stressful one.

This brings me back to the quote in the above photo about change being a process. We got some devastating news at work this week. Don't worry, i'm still employed. THANK YOU GOD! Nobody died either...but the news was still devastating to myself and my immediate co-workers nonetheless. For soo long we've always heard news of changes affecting others in the office....this time, it hit us....in a way we have been dreading for years.

Now, we'll have to go through a process of adjusting to an event that is going to be a big change followed by more process. I get a migraine just thinking about it. When we got the news on Wednesday, I couldn't even make it to church that evening for our Marrieds Class. Migraine was doing a number on me. (Marrieds Class, another change....without Furman because of his new hours)

Yeah....so i'm not happy.
Like I was saying to Furman the other night, in many ways, I wish I could turn back the hands of time about a year or so. Certain things have happened and not happened that just need some fixing. Things clearly beyond my control, and I'm still trying to figure out how to change the things that are within it. Sometimes you just gotta open your mouth, which can be hard. Other times, you just gotta keep it closed. lol Flip a coin?

As I like to share, here is the Classic Song for the day,  the next little while......because yeah....
A Change is Gonna Come.

And I thought i'd share this little cartoon for a laugh too, since I'm bi-racial....yup, this is me. hahahaha
(Please people....DON'T IN ANY WAY...take offence....cause I know people on the internet freak out over the littlest thing these days. I'm relating this to myself!)


Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Oh, and say a prayer too if you don't mind. Who knows....maybe your prayers can affect some of the bad decisions that have been made affecting my world. lol I don't wanna hear how change is good so don't start! lol  
Stay tuned.

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