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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Test of FAITH

Something happened to me today that has me a little rattled.
I'm not even going to lie!  Just not going to tell you what it is. lol
After all, I could be stressing myself over nothing. But, I'm good at that. Oh boy am I ever.
Hold on...let me take this statement back. I could be stressing myself over nothing. I AM stressing myself over nothing. lol That's better. Thinking positive thoughts.

I shared with my husband of course. Now, he can stress with me. hahaha
Naw, men just handle certain things better than women. That's why they are the ROCK!
I have a couple friends that have gone through the same issue, which is a big help. It just doesn't stop you from over thinking and stressing over things you have no control over. Like my husband says, "Once you start you just keep goin. lol" And he is right. I wish my brain had a switch sometimes.
But....I recited the Serenity Prayer today.

No sense in stressing over things I have no control over, right?
I think God is putting me through some school right now. Actually....I think we are always in school, just are tested at different times. I think i'm going through another test right now. In fact, I know that I am. One of those tests where I am very thankful to have those that love me to lean on. But, I couldn't help but think today....I wish I had a big sister. lmao

When I spoke to mom earlier today, in typical mom fashion she knew that something was up with me just from my voice. hahaha I can't even wonder how she does that because I can do the same with my own children. So, I get it. I went ahead and told her. She certainly has a way with words sometimes. lol You know what though....my mom is a tough woman. She's been through Hell in handbasket, and back! So when I think about different things that I have gone through or may go through, I remember my mom. She inspires me. I remind myself that I am tough, just like her!

God asked us not to worry and to trust him. So, I found these Bible Verses About Worry: 20 Comforting Scripture Quotes. I will keep these near as my reminder that God has everything under control and that I am not alone. I will remain in prayer and give my worries to God. It'll be the only way i'll not drive myself bonkers over the next little while. It's a Test of Faith that I intend to pass. Hopefully I wont be driving my family nuts while I'm taking the test. haha After all, it's not like one of those computerized tests where you can get the answers right away. Oh no....you gotta put some work into it, and wait.

As if I haven't had enough stress added to my plate lately. This has got to be the meat of it all! But i'm gonna hold my head up high because My Help Comes From The Lord just like the song above states. Oh, and from my awesome husband too I might add. lol

Keep me in prayer. 
If ya don't mind.
God Bless.
Oh man....this song came to mind as I was closing....so I had to share. hahahaha Enjoy the classic.

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  1. I've had some rattling things here lately, too. Praying and believing and not worrying with you!!


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