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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am officially converted to Facebook's Timeline.

Yup....I received warning yesterday that Facebook was going to convert my page to Timeline as of April 4th whether I liked it or not. Again, Facebook fixing something that is not broke!!  I just don't get it. Why not give people options? Why force everyone to conform to something that most people seem to hate anyways? Oh well.
So...I went through it to make a few slight changes, do the tour and pick my cover photo (I used the one I have posted in the header of my blog of the sand ceremony). My online complaining found me some instructions on how to supposedly deactivate the Timeline from my home computer. However, someone else confirmed that doing that only helps me and my personal viewing at home. The Timeline is still there for all to see once I am converted. Facebook WINNING! I figured I might as well let Timeline go public today and get it over with. Why delay the inevitable right? But....I just might go ahead and make the changes at home for my own viewing if I can't get used to this Timeline thing. I just don't understand why everything needs to be all over the place. I mean really. So i'll keep these instructions close or call my cousin if I forget.

For those who might want to make their own changes. Here are the instructions I was given:
ATTN: FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE TIMELINE PROFILE AND WANT TO GET RID OF IT HERE'S WHAT YOU DO....Users have to use GOOGLE CHROME:go to TOOLS, click EXTENSIONS, then click bottom link- MORE EXTENSIONS, type in TIMELINE REMOVE, a post on right of page says- REMOVE TIMELINE? CLICK IT, (YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT) then REFRESH FACEBOOK & you should have the Old FB Wall Back!! Pass it on

I will say though, it was an interesting walk back through time in Facebook and I scrolled back through the years of Facebook posts.  I joined Facebook in 2007 and man oh man was it interesting to see some changes. lol I came across some posts of mine that had me cracking up and some from people that are no longer listed as my friends and family that just had me shaking my head. Really nice posts expressing love, gratitude, happiness. Birthday greetings, Mother's Day greetings.  Stuff mentioning what a wonderful person that I am. I mean, where did it all go? lmao My how people change. My how times change. So happy I change.
When I hit 2009...my world began. (big smile) My husband and I got back together. So, you can imagine the posts and pictures following that. lol Yeah yeah...some might say..Gag Me!  hahahaha
Seriously though.

Oh well....it's there in the Timeline. All those previously wonderful comments from people who aren't as wonderful anymore and the continued uplifting comments from those that have been dedicated Facebook friends still to this day.  Funny thing though was that I was unable to find the supposedly bad comments/cryptic messages that I was once accused of posting by someone who just loves to create drama. Timeline makes it easier to sift through old posts so while I was being amazed at some of the stuff that took me down memory lane, I decided to look for something specific. They weren't deleted, they really just didn't exist. Comments that someone decided to interpret for their own purpose of inciting an online riot because they were bored with their own life I guess. Yeah...they did a good job of that one. I blame them for their part in ruining a relationship that could have been fixed (then the person killed it themselves completely. The power of the tongue!) but I always gotta try and look at the positive side of things - I didn't know someone could be so nasty. True colors surfaced, so everything happened for a reason. Like I've said before...turn it over to God.  Moral of the story....people need to stop getting so personal on Facebook. (Emails too....cause i'll admit I've been guilty of that one...when emotions run high....ooo wee) I mean really! But it kills me some of the stuff that people post putting their business all out there for all to see. I already knew the world was crazy, but Facebook is definitely a fresh look at just how crazy people really are. lol  I do my best to keep it positive. Quotes to make you think, Bible Passages that I may have recently read, photos and more photos, declarations of my love for my hubby and kids, news stories that I find interesting, and sometimes i'll Check In to let you know where I am....just because. Not that you need to know all my business....but once in a while i'll share a little something something. Like, when I go to the movies...opens up topic for movie discussion of what I've seen. Restaurants, opens discussion for review, etc.

We all use Facebook for different reasons....it's definitely a time killer and a way to keep connected with others. I'm not perfect and I'm still human, but I definitely try to make sure that I don't post anything that may offend anyone or can be taken the wrong way.  I try. I think I do a good job as I really haven't had any complaints except from some crazy people once many years ago that were just looking for trouble. I know that those who love me would mention to me in person or send me a quick inbox message if they Ever came across something they thought might be inappropriate. Why? Because they love me, look out for me and know my heart. Yes...I got people like that in my life and i'm blessed!!

While I hate the change to Timeline, I will do my best to embrace it and smile at how things have changed over the years for us all. My husband absolutely hates Timeline also. He promises to be an even less frequent user when they change him over. lol That's ok though...cause he's here with me. I don't have to post Facebook "I Love You" messages for him to know that i'm thinking of him in Miami....Nope, I can rush home and embrace him and tell him my damn self!! Yessiirreee!!

Immigration Update:
While I think of it (haha..there I go again because you know it's been on my mind all day).....let me just say that it seems that Immigration is pulling the same stunt they did last week. They didn't update the site on Wednesday like they usually do with the Application Processing Time status. They are late again! Last week they updated Thursday saying the site was updated Monday when it wasn't. So, today it's still showing a March 19th update.  I've been entering more details to see if our file has been officially entered in the system yet but not getting anything. So...I keep waiting. 55 days my behind!!  We're at 58 days now according to the counter on the right side of my blog. Now don't get me wrong, I know that our application alone is like a book cause it has a whole bunch of pages to cover a lot of years. Our application alone should take them either a while to go through if they are being thorough or quick because everything is soo Furman organized.

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