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Monday, March 12, 2012

Our New Addition

Please Welcome......the new addition to our family!!!

Frequency M50 Magnetic Indoor Cycle- Commercial

Oh Yeah!!
This baby was welcomed into our home on Saturday afternoon.

I'm not sure how many pieces she is in because she is still in the box although I know she'll be out by the time I get home from work today. No doubt about that! I refer to it as SHE because Furman will be doing the majority of the riding. lol (She will help him prepare for his upcoming Toronto Marathon, more than I can)  This, is his baby.  But you know I won't get away with not taking a trip every now and then myself. Oh no....he won't let me get away with that. I wasn't 100% supportive of this purchase because it was too pricy for my taste...lol But I didn't have to worry because like Furman said "Well I got money" lmao  It was cute in the store when he was playing with me like he needed my permission to buy her.  Should he?  HA!  I knew he had his heart set on her and I certainly wasn't going to get in the way of THAT relationship. Oh no...Him and the bike?  "Anything you want dear!"  But, i'll be on her.  
I'm not sure where she will take me, but i'll have to get on and see where i'll go. In my opinion, i'll only get to Genoa City because I can only see myself on it at a time when I am watching my soap, The Young and The Restless. Confident that that will be the best time for me because my head won't be on the riding as I pedal. I'll be all caught up with Daisy's antics and everyone's revenge on Adam, Harmony trying to get at Neal (Oh, I think that's what she's upto and I don't care how much she denies it...lol) and let's not forget the unfolding of Chelsea's baby drama with Billy and Victoria. Then, there is Kevin and his little Mafia Princess....oh gheez. Sharon...she's a lost cause. Jack....well, you know he'll walk again. Give the writers time to put it in. And that Phyllis....she upsets me sometimes with the stupid things she does that she just might help me pedal a bit faster at times. As you can see, i'm an avid watcher. Oh yeah...I can sit on the bike with the remote nearby so I can fast forward the commercials on the PVR. That might give me a good 45 minute ride.  But then again, a ride during Amazing Race might work too. I can imagine myself in parts of the race while I ride through the parts of the world that they get to travel to. It's a race....so that might help me put some pedal to the metal....lol  Yeah right!!  We'll see.

Anyways....Furman has his new toy and my daughter finally got her replacement turtle this weekend. Frisky little thing too. The other one definitely must have been a lemon. lol  Keeping my fingers crossed that he has a long life. Hate to see her disappointed again.  Guess I can say we had a couple new additions to our family this weekend.

We had an awesome weekend.  I feel like I ate so much food though because Furman took me out to dinner on Saturday at Pickel Barrel and then we had lunch with a couple of Furman's friends at Marche on Sunday.  Needless to say....I got right back on the treadmill this morning to continue my Personal Running Trainer program. Decided I would re-do Week 6 since I had two days off last week. 5 weeks left till the Toronto Yonge St 10k!! That gives me time to finish my program and repeat Week 8 a few times before the run. The weather outside is starting to be awesome so i'm sure Furman is happy. Oh yeah....he went for a run outside last week when we had a nice day followed by a few really cold days. A teaser!!  But every day this week is supposed to be Springlike.  Guess i'll see more of this......Furman's First Run in Canada - Training for Toronto Marathon. Awe....I love my husband...so talented. Give him time, I bet you he'll have one of me running soon enough.  hahahaha  Stay tuned.

Oh, and this week is March Break!! You know what that means......a little more alone time with my husband. lol After all, I got a teenager and she certainly doesn't want to be hanging around the house whether Furman is around or not. Nope...she is usually off to spend time with relatives on her father's side. Hey, she even said she graduated to earning her own key to her grandma's house.  hahahaha.  It was so cute when she was telling me.  Gosh, she is growing up so quickly....I really gotta enjoy as much as I can with her over the next few years. Pretty soon she'll be all grown!!!  She's already reminding me she will be 17 this year.  Boy oh boy!  So you see....she is gone for March Break....I would have been all alone.....not anymore!!! Furman is home!!!!  

"Just me myself and I now" my ass....hahahaha  Kids!!  (from previous post Super Tuesday in case you aren't sure what I am referring to with that last comment.)

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