Oct 6, 2011 - "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matt 19:6

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday!!

It's Super Tuesday and I'm feeling SUPER!

I mean it sucks to have to be back at work but.....it's an awesome feeling knowing that when I get home from work, my husband will be there!!  Woo Hoo!!  Can't wait to get home.

The weekend was great.
Picked up my husband and welcomed him home to Canada on Friday.  He had absolutely no problems coming through Customs/Immigration AT ALL!  See.....everything was under control. No worries. God took care of it!

Spent the rest of Friday and much of Saturday "Getting Settled" and just enjoying each others' company.
Will take a little while for my daughter to get used to having Furman around all the time i'm sure. Then again, it will take him a while to get used to living in the house with me and a teenager. lol  My son is hardly around so the adjustment there will be for my son to stop treating my house like it's a hotel. Gheez...like I said before, it'll be an adjustment for ALL OF US. I haven't lived with a man in just over 10 yrs myself so that'll be an adjustment!!. While we are all getting adjusted I'll be keeping my eye on my daughter and her behavior.  "Just me myself and I now" she posts on Facebook on Friday. I read that and was like WTH? What is that supposed to mean? I know how kids like to act out in an effort to deal with change. I'll be praying to God she doesn't start acting a fool. lol  She'll be fine though.  I got this!  I mean, we clown around a lot at home sometimes that Furman thinks we act like we are BFF's instead of mom and daughter. I know when to draw that line though, so I never have any issues when it's time to put my foot down on something.  Our communication has always been great so I make sure she feels comfortable coming to me with how she feels and I make sure she understands my point of view on things, etc.  That certainly wont change.  With her being a teenager there has been lots of time when I'm just by myself because she is doing her own thing.  She forgets about that thinking that now that Furman is here I wont be playing with her anymore.  No...it just means that now, I wont have to be alone anymore when she is off to be a teenager. Yay!  We'll all be ok. We got lots of Love in the home between us all. That's important. So, i'll help her with the adjustment. We'll all help each other.
I've done a great job this far! I don't care what anyone may think.

Random thought:  Gee...I wonder when the pet store will finally get my daughters replacement turtle?

Oh, back to my weekend....Saturday evening we had a date with my mom to take her to see the new Tyler Perry Movie, Good Deeds.  But, not after we took her for a little lunch at East Side Marios joined by one of my cousins and a friend of the family. Mom was happy to see Furman too. She loves him.  We all really enjoyed the movie. Much different from laughing at Madea. Touched me personally because I was able to relate to a few things from my own personal experiences. Sad, but true.  After the movie they accompanied my mom to do her favorite thing...BINGO, while we went home to relax because we had an early morning Sunday. Had to miss church.  Off to Hamilton, Ontario bright and early Sunday morning to attend a Star Twirl Competition with Stars United Baton Club. My daughter is a baton twirler and her teams were competing. Luckily, we didn't have a long long day and were able to get back home at a decent time to continue bonding. (big smile)

No work Monday for me. Nope....took that day off so I could enjoy what I will be missing while i'm back at work. Sucks! It feels sooo good having my husband around. We took some time out on Monday to do one of my husband's favorite things.....Costco!!  lol  Even enjoyed a Costco hotdog and drink that was only $1.50.  Only $1.50 for both I tell ya!  And this was a drink with free re-fills and the hotdog was huge!!  I'm a cheap date....hahahaha  His American Costco card scans just fine at our Costco stores so he certainly doesn't need me to go back there in the day if he feels like it.

Anyways, i'm back on the grind at work while my husband is at home exercising, organizing, relaxing, etc. Told ya I would find time to blog. Had to get back to my usual routine starting with my early morning run. Yup, Week 6/Day 1 of the Personal Running Trainer 8wk to 10K program. I gotta keep at it to be in fine form for next months run. I find it always a bit tough that first day running after several days off...today was no different.  I got Friday off so I can expect that next Monday will be tough too unless it's warm enough outside to do an outside run over the weekend. I'm sure Furman will be trying to figure out the perfect time of day for that. He's not in Miami anymore. lol  Our mornings are still freezing right now. He is getting the chance to get used to just how cold it can get here. lol  For real!
Yeah....people think he is crazy to leave Miami for Toronto.  I'm worth it though!

Is it time to go home yet?

I wanna get home and cook dinner and hang out with my husband and daughter.
Besides, we gotta celebrate....today is our 5 month wedding anniversary.  :)
Awe heck.....every day is a celebration.  Furman is here!


  1. So happy for you Trissy! Enjoy your time together :)

  2. I makes me smile to hear and see you so happy.


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