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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Canada Post Tricks

Update March 19th ------yeah right!!

Person to be sponsored lives outside of Canada
Type of applicationStep 1

Assessment of Sponsor
Step 2

Assessment of Person Being Sponsored (applicant)

(The Call Centre does not have processing times for step 2)
Spouse, common‑law partner or dependent child
55 days

(working on applications received on January 25, 2012)

Now they (Canada Immigration) know good and well when they updated their website on March 22nd that it wasn't March 19th.  They definitely got their dates wrong. They never update on a Monday anyways! Updates are usually on Wednesday and there was no update yesterday because I checked.  So now, it's updated with no change to the info but they went ahead and make claim that they updated their website on March 19th.  (Sounds like a Canada Post trick if you recall on one of my previous posts Delivered...). They are still working on January 25th applications....must have been plenty. So, who knows how close they are to mine. But, they've changed the update date. How nice of them.

I'll keep at it. We should have a Client ID# assigned soon enough.  Notice that the days that have passed so far according to my counter on the right of this blog almost match the number of days they say it should take for Step 1.  lol  Waiting for that letter and for something to finally come up on the Check Application Status part of their website.

Till then, i'll keep rambling about other stuff....lol
Enjoying my husband, learning new habits, getting ready for my upcoming 10K!
Yup.....lots to talk about.

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