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Monday, June 30, 2014


I am soo proud of my husband!
He wanted to make me happy by building a fence that would close off our backyard. He's been on the mission for weeks trying to decide how to make it happen and Saturday, he did!

After much planning we made a trip to Lowe's to look around a couple weeks ago. We learned that we could actually rent a van from Lowe's for only $20 to bring some wood home. Only $20! Nothing extra for mileage or anything. You get it for an hour and a half and then it's like $7 for every 15 minutes thereafter. So, we rented it, purchased some wood and other supplies to build a fence and brought it home.  Furman had done some research on YouTube and some math so he had a good idea of what he needed for how he was going to make this fence happen. Now, he just needed the time. If only I would stop making other plans. Lol

Well this past weekend we did a stay at home Saturday so Furman could start his project. He was up early positioning the metal stakes to hold his fence posts. But, it was a bit too early so he didn't start banging them in the ground yet. When he did, he ran into some difficulties when the spot where he was going to put his post already had a hidden post in the ground. It was there from a previous fence that existed and wasn't removed. He couldn't remove the post because it was held by concrete. So, his math had to change a bit. The stake needed a new spot.  Slight change of plans.

Nothing was gonna stop my Furman from his mission. Nope! My job, was just to sit back and look pretty. Those were his instructions. Lol. A man with a plan.
So, I did exactly what he suggested. Grabbed my iPad and garden chair along with a glass of wine (Jacob's Creek Moscato) and started watching Season 1 of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Lol.
At one point my neighbour even offered us each a cold drink. Imagine that!
We were already home in our yard and she is offering us a drink?
My God!
After years of crap at the old place we finally got good neighbors!
Feeling Blessed!
It was a beautiful day! So while I watched about 5 episodes, Furman built.  

It took all day but he got it done. I had no doubts. I even got to help out a bit. Tried my hand at banging the stake into the ground with the sledge hammer. Yup... He can keep that task. Then, I helped position the fence boards, once he got the frame up, while he screwed them in.  He used screws instead of nails so that we could easily remove the fence when we need to. We worked great together as usual. It was kinda cute. I should have gotten a photo to go with all the others I took.

Anyways....here is the finished product!!


Now, he just has to finish building the gate and Voila!

So, with tomorrow being Canada Day....he just might have time to tackle the gate before we head out to hang with mom for a while. Then again, maybe not. We'll see.
In the meantime, Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

Be safe!
God Bless!

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