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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Live Christ

PhotoWe just completed another year of volunteering for WonderJam at Canada's Wonderland. If you've been following, you'll remember that we did this event last year as well. WonderJam Packed Weekend.  It was a very long day starting off with breakfast with friends (who were also volunteering), at 7am at a local breakfast place while we waited for others to get themselves together. A very long day!

When we finally got to the park, we made sure to ride the new ride - The Guardian. Wasn't too bad. Just wasn't worth waiting for over an hour to ride it. lol But now we've done it. So, we're good. It's about all we really did as we waited around for hours for some kind of direction on what we were needed to do this year. If you recall, last year Furman and I sold WonderJam t-shirts. And, we were damn good at it i'd say.


While waiting, I nosed around at other booths that were being set up, which brings me to something I really want to share. You probably recall how happy I was to get a t-shirt last year from Wear Da Word (Christian Apparel). I was ready this year to take home another. But, they weren't around. Instead, I found a new supplier of what I wanted - Live Christ Clothing. As they were putting merchandise out, their stuff caught my interest. Right away, I started looking for what I wanted so that I can have the items put aside for the end of the night. After all, I didn't want everything to get sold out and lose out on my buy. But, if you know me, you know that I am not a fan of shopping and take wayy too long to make up mind. Don't give me a menu!! lol After deciding that I would definitely take home more than one that I liked, Furman came along. Oh boy! He is always of fan of me just getting what I want when I can't decide. Take them all! "We are not broke yet!" is what he likes to say. God Bless Him! lol I guess the fact that I hate shopping helps because i'm not out there doing it all the time. lol So it's not that big a deal when I find something I really like. Then again, maybe the waiting on me to decide is what frustrates him. haha I don't know. Six t-shirts for myself and with two that he picked up to total 8 t-shirts, he paid and just took the purchases to the car so we wouldn't have to think about it later. Being the first customer of the day and probably guaranteeing myself to probably being the best customer of the evening, I made sure to snap a few photos so that I could help spread the word of where others can get the apparel that I was loving. T-shirts spreading the word of God with great design! I posted to Facebook and then sent a few other volunteers to the booth to check them out also.

Photo: Wow! Trissy White just bought 8 shirts at Wonder Jam. Our first (and best) customer :). Concert just about to start. Live Christ!
After buying wayy too many t-shirts, I still had one shirt on my mind to buy that I didn't pick up originally - the one I am holding in the picture. lol I was undecided because I had already picked up a red one. I told the guy to hold it for me. Maybe I could earn it? lol

When the theatre was finally opened to the public it got crazy! Furman was given the duty of being Security down by the stage. Let me tell you, the perfect role for him! Made me think of the hilarious Bon Qui Qui at King Burger- Mad TV video. Security! In the meantime, I just kind of hung around till I was needed.

I hung out near the LiveChrist booth because it was closest to where I could watch the stage. But let me tell you, for a while, I felt like I was Security for their booth. There were so many people around it at one point that as I was watching people put shirts in their bags I couldn't help but have concern for whether they paid for them or not. No lie! But, I couldn't say anything because I wasn't close enough to hear the transactions being made. Besides, these are supposed to be Christians...would they really steal? I took a page out of Furman's book and didn't trust anybody! lol Like George Michael once sang, you gotta have Faith! lol I took a few more photos though...because I knew I was going to blog to share the word about Live Christ.

Photo: Live Christ Clothing doing big things!!Photo: Live Christ Clothing doing big things!!

I ended up on the second shift at the Lecrae table selling his merchandise. OMG! I never heard of this guy before, but I sure know who he is now. People were going crazy for his music. Ie: Will You Take Me As I Am His stuff SOLD OUT! I mean, people were buying leftover t-shirts at $25 each that didn't even fit them. We were down to XL and XXL and it didn't even matter. Crazy! Smh! Furman thought that maybe Lecrae should have been the headliner because the crowd was just a bit more crazy than it was for TobyMac although crazy nonetheless. But that was just his opinion. I missed it all because I was working at the Lecrae table. But Furman ended up with stories. Kids trying to run up on stage to TobyMac just minutes before the concert ended. hahaha You know Furman was happy to play Security!! But God it was soo good to see for another year soo many young people involved in Praise and Worship! Man oh man! What a blessing! Whether you like the music of these artists or not, you cannot deny what they are doing.

Anyways, after all was said and done, I went back and got my red t-shirt at the end of the night. Forked out more money again like I didn't spend enough at the start. I know that Live Christ Clothing had a good night at WonderJam because I saw it myself and was very pleased. Hope they didn't have anything missing. Even through my posts on Facebook, people were hitting me up with inquiries on how they could get their own gear. Especially after sharing a couple photos of some kids items. These were just the cutest!! Yup..."Made in Heaven"
Photo: Another children's T-shirt masterpiece.Photo: This baby onesie is just too cute!  "Made in Heaven" $12

So, if Christian Apparel interests you at all, be sure to check them out. LiveChristClothing They have some awesome items with great designs and at a reasonable price. Donnie was real friendly and is very determined to reach the masses and help share the word of the Gospel in any way he can. That, I cannot help but support. God is Good and I see much success for his business. Keep at Donnie!! Oh, and I'll mention that he was wearing a very unique Christian necklace with pendant that I hope I can find to order. lol

In ending, this morning we went to church in Keswick and ran into someone who also bought Live Christ Clothing at WonderJam. lol Furman took a photo so that we could share with Donnie how far he was reaching with his merchandise. Then later on today we were at our own church picnic and I just happened to have some business cards for Live Christ Clothing on me. So, when people asked me about where I got the t-shirt that I wore, I was able to spread the word like I am by blogging. Note: He didn't ask me to. This is just me. So, hit up the website or give Donnie a call for your merchandise and go ahead and tell him that Mrs White sent ya or that you read about it on my blog just so he knows the power of social media. Trust me, I'm not getting anything out of it other than doing my part on directing others to another way they can help spread the Gospel by wearing Christian Apparel.

Verse of the weekend:
Romans 1:16.
Lecrae - Tell The World

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