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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Accident

I just don't get it!!
Another "not my fault" accident.
I swear I have the worst luck sometimes!
I am soo ready to give up this car that I love so much. It's been good to me but gee whizz....I haven't been good to it. In the wrong place at the wrong time? I just don't know.

Let me say that almost from the moment I got this car, people have been up my ass!
When the car was still brand new to me, I had my first rear ender.  A guy was rushing through the traffic light behind me and bumped into me after I had to stop for traffic in front of me. It was rush hour. I was livid! My new car!! Well, the car was really not brand new because I bought it used but it was new to me. Immediately we got out of our cars and I was like WTH? The guy was in his 20's and proceeded to blame the accident on the distraction of my personal plates. Like seriously? You gotta be kidding me. That is the best this fool could come up with? lol Then, he started to complain that the damage was "only a scratch". This guy was nuts. It may have been only a scratch but I had to remind him that the scratch wasn't there before HE came along and that the car was new to me. Anyways, he didn't want me to go through insurance for some reason. I don't remember what the reason was as this happened several years back when I first got my car. I remembered to use my cellphone to take a photo of his license and insurance paper just in case. After conversation, I agreed to let him pay cash. We made arrangements for me to take my car to a body shop of HIS choice for an estimate. And, I went to my own as well. Then, I contacted him with the cost. Satisfied, he arranged to do an email transfer of the funds so I could fix my car. This all happened in a short period of time. Happy with the cash, I decided that the guy was right and that I could live with the scratch so I left the cash in the bank.

Well....maybe about a month or so later I learned a valuable lesson. I should have done what the money was meant for because I then got rear ended again but this time on the highway. On the highway!! Was God trying to tell me something? It was also rush hour on my way to work. Traffic was slow moving and I saw this lady in my rear view mirror with her Timmies Cup coming toward me and I wondered if she was going to stop. All I could do was brace myself. Lucky for her, she didn't spill her coffee when she hit me. So, there we are on the highway getting out of our cars. Not the smartest thing to do but we were in the passing lane which separated the north and south traffic with a concrete wall. Again, I exchanged information only to learn that she lived near me. Too funny. This time, the damage was worse than the first time. I had to get it fixed now. So, I went directly to the accident reporting center and got the ball rolling. After all, she said nothing about wanting to make arrangements to fix out of pocket so I wasted no time. The timing though, was perfect. I was just getting ready to go on vacation so I was able to leave my car in the shop while away and use a rental car to travel instead of my own. A rental car I didn't have to pay for. I have a guy I have been dealing with since I was like 16 that used to do my mechanic work but has changed to doing collision instead, so I gave him a shout. He took care of me. The one mechanic guy I trust whole heartedly.

Since then, all was great until the Beginning of March. That's when I got hit by the tow truck. Ugh! My car got a few good years with no stress. lol I blogged about that experience already so I wont repeat myself when you can click on the link. But....this brings me to today....Here we go again!!

Got on the highway headed to work and traffic wasn't moving. I was stuck in a long row of cars waiting to make my usual turn about 10 minutes away from the office. So close, but yet so far. When I was about three cars away from making my turn as cars were inching up closer I felt a big bump. WTH? OMG! It was bad enough that I was now going to be late for work because of whatever was causing the crazy traffic. But now, I've got my own accident. Immediately I put my car in park and got out to approach the Volvo behind me. "Are you serious?" lol Why do I always say that? The guy had gotten out also as I looked at the damage to my car. Two holes in my bumper. I couldn't believe it. No scratch...holes!!

Apparently the screws the guy had holding his front license plate were not flush against the plate and created holes in my bumper.  He had screws something like these where the ends were rounded. I couldn't believe it! Then, he had the nerve to look at me and give me that stupid Urkel question, "Did I do that?" I looked at him like "are you for real?" lol I answered him pointing out his screws and my holes. lol Cars starting to go around us, I took photos of his license and ownership and then we exchanged numbers. He'll take care of it he tells me. Don't worry.

I hopped back in the car fuming. Finally turned that corner only to see that it was a four car accident that was getting cleared up. When I got to work, I took the photo of my damage so I can send to Furman as well as the guy who does my collision work. Nobody should have a regular guy who does collision work for them. lol Nobody!

On a brighter note, once I turned that corner immediately after the accident the guy who bumped me sent me a text message which helped make me feel better. Have to share it.

Now, to figure out how much this will cost because this guy also wants to pay cash and fix the damage. I just might be lucky and have this taken care of as easily as the last one. Go figure! But....I definitely think it's time for a new car. It's getting close to that time. I don't know how much more bumps my car can take. Thank God though, that the accidents haven't been that bad and that I've never gotten hurt.

Unlike I had hoped, the day didn't get much better. But, it's over now and I am off tomorrow to get some relief and see my doctor for a previously scheduled appointment. I'll use the extra time to get the estimates and run any other errands I might need to. So, i'll keep you updated on what the outcome of the car damage is.

Till then....thanks for reading my rambling about my bad luck in having another accident!!
It's been a rough time lately. Right On The Noggin
Sorry for the extra long post but at the same time, I needed to vent! lol

Take care and God Bless!!!

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