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Sunday, June 1, 2014


I decided to write this post after a comment I received on Facebook following a video I posted of a performance I saw.  A pole FITNESS performance/pole dance. So, this post is dedicated to all those who can't separate the difference between strippers using a pole and pole FITNESS.

 Read all about it!!

In case you didn't know, there is a thing called POLE FITNESS that is becoming increasingly popular. A sport I'd say.

On Friday evening, Furman and I joined several members of my Spinbuddies family in attending Chromageddon: An event of the Toronto Pole Dance Fitness Showcase. It was a nice night out. I believe the night started off with amateur performances and got into the more advanced. I say this because after watching the first few performances my head started to swell. "I can do that! I can do that!" was what I kept thinking. We realized quick that there was certainly no reason why someone from our studio couldn't be up on stage doing their thing too! No reason. Hmmmm? Maybe next year.

Well, I posted a video to share with my Facebook friends as I usually do and surprisingly got a comment from someone who said "Please don't send these posts to me. Thank You". Now I'm not trying to call anybody out or anything...just trying to educate. Right away I got confused because I hadn't sent anything to anyone. I just merely posted on my own page for others to see. Then, I realized they just viewed the video from their news feed. I questioned for a quick second only whether the person was actually serious with their comment. Furman thought they were actually joking. But, knowing what little I did of the person, I knew they were quite serious and was somehow offended or had some issue with my video. Smh. I figured that they clearly don't know the difference between pole FITNESS and whatever you would call what the strippers do with it. There was something else I thought but I won't share that one. So, I thought I would clarify for those who might need it that the pole has been taken to another level. It's not about sex and stripping...it's about fitness, exercise, fun and sport. 

Well why do those who use the pole show a lot of skin? Well, let me be the first to share from experience that skin is needed. hahaha It helps to grip on the pole. Trust me on that one. That's why in my classes we wear shorts and a tank...not skimmies. We don't use heels in class either...it's barefoot. Heels are just for show and for our personal attempts to get sexy back. lol

Anyways, since clearly that person didn't know enough about Facebook to identify that I hadn't sent them the post, I figured it would be too much to tell them to use their privacy settings to control what they see in their news feed. lol Instead, I found excellent information that I posted and hoped they'd find useful. You might also find it useful so I will share it here too.  3 ways to "unfriend" a Facebook friend without really unfriending them Then, I used my own privacy settings to restrict them from seeing my posts  to avoid them being bothered by anything I share. (That doesn't usually happen) But, nothing I post should bother them anymore. Hope that helps my dear. I aim to please! lol I must say though, it was nice to read how a few others nicely chimed in on that persons comment and defended the art of pole dancing/pole fitness. Thanks people!!

But back to the pole FIT-NESS! I'm going to share a few awesome videos to hopefully help you see that pole fitness is quite the workout and great fun. I can say with confidence that strippers probably can't do half the stuff we learn to do with the pole. Nooo way hosay!

Even Ellen had to appreciate Jenyne Butterfly on National Television.

Even on America's Got Talent although this clip is from Ukraine's Got Talent.
Notice how they prejudged her performance based on her costume. 
(Didn't need to speak the language to appreciate either)


Big girls do it too!! Love the skin you are in!!

And just so you know.....GUYS DO IT TOO!!!

This one is from America's Got Talent. Crazy!!

I could keep posting awesome videos but you can also YouTube for so many examples of ART, FITNESS, and crazy ACROBATICS! And then...there is the filth. You can always find filth in everything. Yes, I'm sure that there are strippers that take these classes to show some talent other than taking their clothes off. Power to them. But, that doesn't mean that everytime you see someone on a pole that they are a stripper. I'm just saying!! I started taking classes out of curiosity and fitness since most of my exercise was previously to do with running. I wanted to work out other parts of my body in a fun way, and meet some new exciting people. Which, I have.

I definitely recommend. So, look for a pole fitness studio in your area if you are interested. Don't knock it till you try it. You'd be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is probably somewhere close to home that offers the fun. Told you, it's becoming increasingly popular....because it's not all about Sex. I hope others are Inspired to Dance just like I was and still am.

Hope i've cleared that up for you a bit.
And if I haven't....here is a bit more research into Pole Fitness.

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