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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Right On The Noggin

Can you see it? lol  Right on the noggin!!

What the hell happened you might ask? 
You know this is too good not to blog about. hahahaha
I sit here with a mild headache the day after (no concussion thank God), wondering that same damn thing myself. Feeling pretty stupid too I might add.  

I was just going on my lunch break and making a pit stop in the ladies room before I headed to a quiet spot where I could relax for the 30 minutes I get. My back had been hurting me which happens more often these days. I chose a stall closest to the door I was going to exit when I was finished. When I stood up and was exiting the stall, I connected with the corner of the wall. See the example I posted on the left. I would have been in the stall on the left of the photo and that wall right there with the black design....yup...that would have been what slapped me to wake me up. That corner right there! I didn't get knocked out completely but it was a really hard hit. I stood there for a moment stunned. The wall left an indentation in my forehead. When I left the bathroom I decided to skip lunch because of time and found a corner where I could sit on the floor in privacy for the remainder of my time. Right away, I text Furman. "Think I got a coco?" lol Little did I know that he had no idea what I meant. He hadn't heard that term before. Have you?

When my 30 minutes was up I returned to my desk where I started to work despite the throbbing in my head. Not too long after I decided to ask a colleague sitting behind me if there was a bump on  my forehead. Yup...she clarified that a good one was coming up and that I needed to report the accident to my manager because it happened at work. Embarrassed as I already was, I went to look for my manager who was nowhere to be found. Hmmm? What do I do? I didn't think it was that serious although I had a good headache and a bump was growing. So, I sat back at my desk and looked online for instruction. Thought it was a great time to take a selfie to show Furman what a coco was. Hence, the photo of my noggin noted above. lol

I ended up asking another manager for advice and then the excitement started. Oh boy. Yes...it needed to be reported. She went and got me some ice and tried to locate my manager. Then, union came to my desk followed by a resource associate that usually backfills for the manager when she is away. Next thing I know they are talking about calling an ambulance and I am feeling totally stressed, embarrassed and in pain. Mind you, my back was still aching too. I was just a mess. Smh. 

Shortly after, the Paramedics are strolling towards me with a stretcher. OMG!! Head down. Can I hide? Is all this necessary? "This is what happens when you call 911!" the Paramedic says to me noticing my reaction to their visit. lol  I wasn't the one that called! They checked me out and confirmed that I didn't have an actual concussion. They still offered to take me by ambulance to the hospital though. Shaking my head, I wasn't going. Hell no! You weren't rolling me out in a stretcher. No way. I am already dying of embarrassment. So, despite advice given, I stayed at work with my aching head and lump. Besides, I was dealing with enough issues involving getting paid for being off ill that I wasn't trying to have more stress. Last time I went home ill I didn't get paid as I was supposed to. So...I wasn't leaving!

Following the Paramedic visit, I now had an upper level manager and her assistant at my desk. This was definitely not a good situation to be in. Where was my manager? Clearly she hadn't gone to lunch or she would have been back by now. Oh well. Now, I am being strongly recommended to go home with my lump. So...I finally agreed. 
But..I wasn't allowed to drive so the next issue became how to get me home with my car on office property. Nevertheless, we got it sorted out. I was sent off in a taxi. But, because of paperwork needed and my refusal to go to the hospital, it was insisted that I go to emergency care and get checked out. So, I contacted my doctors office and let them know what happened and they agreed to take me. The taxi was taking me straight there. And....because I was moved to an office much farther than I used to work, it cost a pretty penny to get me to my doctor now too. $90 each way. Ouch!

The taxi driver was nice and accommodating. He ended up waiting off the clock to take Furman and I back to the office so Furman could pick up my car and drive it home. There were problems with payment that the taxi driver already agreed to sort out himself the next day when we originally left the office. After the driver offered to take the return fare, I got permission to allow him to deal with the return payment at the same time instead of Furman paying and trying to get reimbursed. Smart driver. He was no fool. lmao

It could have been worse.
My doctor....was not impressed. Hahahaha He wasn't quite believing the wall to be at fault. I wont even tell you what he said. Not sure why I had gotten dizzy. I had a light breakfast of Tim Hortons coffee and a tea biscuit several hours before the accident. But, I guess it happens to the best of us from time to time. Will you admit it ever happening to you? lol Furman admitted he walked into a wall or something once, but he had an excuse because he had been looking at a girl. I've seen guys do that before. Me...I didn't really have an excuse. It was just a bad day. Back aches, now head aches. Oh...and the doctor was right...I wouldn't feel so hot the day after. So, I sit here and blog. Telling you all about something stupid I did. Making myself look like a real winner!! hahaha But, if you can't laugh at yourself, what can you do?


Go ahead.....feel free to share your own story. lol


  1. Oh Trissy, Shannon here! Great story, admittedly I laughed, but it was with compassion, especially the part about the big fuss that work made. Years ago, I had just returned to work from a surgery, first day back I hemorrhaged and had to tell my manager (this was back in the billing days) and they freaked out, I had to get to a hospital asap!! There was so much activity it wasn't funny. I refused the ambulance, told them I would die at my desk bleeding to death before I would be carted out on a gurney!! They respected that and went to plan B. Called a taxi, found someone to go to the hospital with me and away we went. In hindsight, I should have gone with plan A, my situation was quite dire, but all's well that end's well!! Glad you're okay, take it easy and keep the advil close by.

    1. Oh my....thanks for sharing. Yes...you should have gone with Plan A. Nice to know you understand my pain though. lol But I think my ego is more bruised than my head. Can't be sure though cause it's still pretty tender. The head that is. As for the Advil....I'm loaded up! Will see how the day goes to decide about tomorrow. All in all, i'll live. lol


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