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Friday, June 20, 2014

Marrieds Retreat

I finally have an opportunity to blog about our very first Marrieds Retreat with our Church this past weekend. We had a great time with 24 other married couples.

On Friday we head up mid day to Elim Lodge.  I was pleasantly surprised to find on the website that it is a Christian Lodge and Resort. And, they advertise it as such. So, you know that people who are up to no good are going to stay far far away. Lol

The place is beautiful. It is located in a great spot overlooking Pigeon Lake. Great fishing too.
Because we were early to sign up to attend the retreat (since we missed the last one), we got to stay in the Bayview Apartments overlooking the water.

Inside was more than we expected. Not too shabby at all!  Lol. No TV! Great for bonding. Bibles in each room. But, I travel with Furman who is always crazy prepared for just about anything. So, he had his laptop which enabled us to watch a movie each night before we slept.

Took a few shots to share of our apartment for the weekend:
As the first night was an add on to the original plan, we had to fend for ourselves for dinner which was not a problem! Once we saw what we were working with, we were ready to go. We googled for a nearby grocery store to pick up dinner and some snacks, just in case. Yup....found our way to Buckhorn! Next time, we will know exactly how to prepare. Bring a cooler of stuff cause the prices at the Buckhorn Foodland grocery store was ridiculous!! lol 

I don't want to say too too much about the awesome time we had because I'll keep writing and writing and sharing picture after picture. lol But let me say that everything was organized beautifully. We had an agenda and everything. Such a great time with awesome people. Felt very blessed.
The first night when most of the couples arrived was a complete hoot. We all gathered around in the main cabin and played a game of Mad Gab. haha If only I could have gotten that on video. Hilarious!

Anyways....the meals provided were crazy! So much good food. Man oh man! They sure knew how to do it up good. And it was so nice to have the man in charge of the place come and bless our meals.
The weather was a bit cooler than we had expected though. So, that kind of killed our desire to get on the water and go canoeing. But, before heading home on Sunday when everyone was pretty much gone, we took advantage of the opportunity to play shuffleboard and tennis with another couple that we hung around with all weekend. That was pure jokes! Tennis is definitely a lot harder than I thought. And shuffleboard is much more fun that I thought. lol

Skipping all kinds of details about the weekend, I will share a few photos. Oh, but let me first add that Furman and I came in 2nd in the Scavenger Hunt we took part in. lol We sure did! I was shocked actually, because Furman refused to run like some of the other couples were doing. lol. He didn't want to get his jeans all sweaty because the sun was coming out hard. With all that though, we were still the second couple to get all the answers right. Smh. (Not the second couple to return. lol) Most people messed up on what they probably thought was a trick question. It was a question about the number of flags you saw across from a particular dock. Problem was, that there was a flag at the end of the dock and two flags across the water from the dock. I guess in the rush, many couples missed the word ACROSS. We didn't!

Oh, and let me say....PRAISE AND WORSHIP......we would have made our pastor proud. We sounded awesome. I'm not gonna lie! It's a Christian Lodge and Resort so of course they had a chapel. They had a couple! So, we were able to have our own praise and worship as well as Sunday morning service. It was great. Did I mention that we look forward to the retreat? Yup...if God spares. But God is good!
Well, It's been a real busy week. TGIF! But I'll write more before the next week begins. For now, enjoy a few more photos of our wonderful weekend with the Marrieds. Definitely something we hope to do again.
Have an awesome weekend.


Thank you again to the organizers of our retreat for an awesome weekend. And thank you to all the other wonderful couples for the fun and the fellowship. It was a pleasure.

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