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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ottawa Race Weekend

What a wonderful weekend!
I definitely look forward to doing something like that again. Lol
Will travel to run!  Next stop, back to Ottawa for the Canada Army Run, then Detroit for the Detroit International. I can get used to this. I might see Disney in my future. lol

My son came along with us to Ottawa for the ride since he used to go to University out there and had friends that he wanted to visit. When we got to Ottawa we dropped off my son by the Rideau Centre and went on the hunt for the Ottawa Convention Centre, only to find out that it was right around the corner from where we dropped off my son. Smh. Doubled back. Picked up our race kits at the Expo and then we were ready to check into the Marriott. Then....off to do a little sight seeing.

Canadian Parliament Building
Photo: Ottawa Race Weekend - Before running our FIRST Half Marathon TOGETHER!    
Naturally, we didn't stay out too late. Nope...we had to make sure we were well rested for the race. So, we cut our sight seeing short and went on the hunt for a local Italian Restaurant where we could carb up. After walking through to the Byward Market with no success, I looked up a place on google. Yup....took us right back to where the hotel was. That means that we walked around for 45 minutes trying to find something to eat when all we had to do was go downstairs and around back. Smh. lol Found Carmello's. Had just what we needed, what we all needed since the city was full of runners. Found this little message in the Menu.
Had a great meal then we called it a night. Of course, I had the seafood pasta.

Rise and shine and give God the Glory Glory!
Started my day with a Selfie! lol Don't do much of those.
Photo: Had my coffee so I am wide awake and just about ready to head to the starting line of the Ottawa Half Marathon with my hubby and my buddy. When we were all set, we headed out to the starting line to meet with the crowd, and that there was. About 14,000 people participated. This picture did nothing to capture the amount of people or the atmosphere.
And of course, we had to take pre race photos. Here is me and my love:
This is before we ran a HOTT Race. Man, it was hot outside. Race started at 9am and the sun was already up and ready to do some damage and that it did. As we ran, we passed several people that had been passed out or something. Dehydrated. I dunno. They just needed attention so we kept at it and crossed the finish line together. Wasn't happy with my time but happy we finished and vow to do much much better next time. We lost each other in the middle of the race as Furman made a pit stop, but he found me in the crowd as I had expected.
Oh, and we took post race photos too.

Photo: Got 'er done!  And it was HOTT AS HECK!After the race, we crashed on the grass and admired our medal. Another Half Marathon conquered for the history books! Legs were cramping up, we were exhausted.....the heat really took a lot out of us. But, September will be much cooler. Next time!
So we went back to the hotel and soaked in an epsom salt bath before hitting the streets for some grub. Back to Byward Market to get some food and that Beaver Tail we had our eye on from the day before. lol
Too tired to do much of anything, we stayed close to the hotel and made sure to find some Shawarma. Did you know that Ottawa actually has a Schwarma place on almost every street corner? lol At least that's what it seemed like.

Sunday morning after we checked out, we went to my cousins house for brunch. Love her! She did it up good. She knows how to do HEALTHY! SHAKLEE Was nice to be able to introduce her to my husband and friend, and learn from her a bit more about being healthy. I hadn't seen her since before we got married. Gheez. Quite a while. We had a great visit and she sent us home with some stuff we will make sure to use for our runs. Shaklee Performance and Shaklee 180 Smoothie Mix. Check it out.
Mind you, I already use Shaklee Energy during my runs. Not exactly sure if they help or not but I will assume they do because I feel like I need all the help I can get to finish the race. lol

Anyways...i'll quit here. But like I said, we had an awesome weekend. Love my running buddies. Not sure how I would accomplish these running goals without them. I even fund raised and raised $210 for the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, almost reaching my goal of $250. Thanks to all those who were able to support. New fundraising page coming soon for the future runs.

Oh, and we got a few free running shirts too, thanks to my husband.
We went to the running office to pick up an extra shirt and medal so my friend Catie can send to her running buddy. WhoIRun4 That's a whole other blog post because I joined up too so stay tuned. While we were getting stuff, my husband was out where they were packing up the many boxes of extra shirts and scored a few from the guy in charge. Don't know how he does it sometimes. lol His natural charm I guess. :)

Back to my regular routine next week - pole classes. Yay!

But today....let me just end on a very high note. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY! God is greater than great! God answers prayers and that I have no doubt for one was surely answered today. Now, in less than 30 days I have had two very special prayers answered of things that were creating stress in my life. No more!! Now, if only I can get my prayers answered to help me at work. lol But, I am definitely good for now. I know God will get to it in Gods time and not mine.

I will end with a tribute to Maya Angelou who died today. RIP Maya and thank you for all you have done to inspire and make this world a better place while you were in it. Your words will live on forever as you rest in a better place.

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