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Friday, June 28, 2013

Verified! (1)

I got Verified yesterday!
So, I thought I'd write a new post to share my experience.  

As I explained in my previous post, getting Verified is a security feature of Girlfriend Social. It's something you update on the website to let others know that you've met somebody in person and have been Verified to be who you say you are. lol

After work and before my dance class I had made arrangements to meet a lady that I'd started messaging on the website after I set up my profile. We picked a location that was ideal for both of us which happened to be a place I've never been - Panera Bread. Had to meet in a public place...after all, I might be crazy!! hahahaha
(Keep in mind, I let Furman know exactly what I am upto! Cause that's just what I do)
Anyways....I decided to wear the same top that was I wearing in my profile picture so that she could easily spot me. She did tell me she thought that was smart. lol I try!

I got there a little earlier than I expected because traffic was lighter than usual. So, I found a nice spot by the window where I could stake out the entrance to the shop. She was easy to spot because she had identified that she'd be the pregnant lady with a yellow bag. lol I wasn't quite sure in how to greet her....should I just shake her hand or give her a hug? lol You never know with people sometimes. We're women...so I gave her a hug. That's just me. I didn't want it to feel like we were meeting for the very first time. I think she was ok with that. So, we took a seat and introduced ourselves and before getting into conversation we decided to grab a snack from the counter.

Conversation - The best thing to start with in my opinion was the obvious...her pregnancy. So, I asked her when she was due? And guess what.......she gave me a date that matched my Birthday. Imagine that! hahaha What a coincidence. "That's a good day!" I told her, for obvious reasons. This was off to a great start. I had already known from messaging her back and forth prior to meeting that we had a few things in common so I decided to try and get a bit more detail in person. Makes for great conversation and helps to get to know each other better. Something we have in common that we talked about......we both met our husbands on the Internet. So, we shared stories.

We didn't have a whole lot of time for our meeting because I had class to go to. Second Class But it was ok, it was nice to meet up anyways and break the ice. She seems like a very sweet lady. I'd hang out with her again. Maybe next time we can grab a bite to eat or something.

Watching the clock I had to cut our meeting short and rush off to class which thankfully wasn't too far from where we met. Class was unusually small that night for some reason.
Where was everybody? Graduation maybe?
Oh well.

After class I wanted to make sure and go back to my new friends profile so I could Verify her. So, that's what I did.
After you have been Verified by three different people you actually receive a badge to your profile. There is a space on your page where it shows the people that have Verified you and any comments they might have added for others to know. Comment made about me after yesterdays meeting: Very nice and friendly lady and I should say she looks younger in person :) Isn't she sweet? lol Told ya! She thought I looked younger in person. Thank you for the compliment my dear, and for meeting me.

All in all, the website has been working out for me so far. I've been communicating with a few women. I've met one person already and there is another one that I am looking forward to meeting when she gets back from vacation. The girl on vacation is the very first person I started communicating with online from this website. And so far, via messaging and text, we have a great friendship on the way. In fact, she's even been texting me from vacation in the Dominican Republic. Imagine that! I feel so special. She's awesome to even think of me. I already feel like a long time friend of hers. So yeah, I do look forward to touching base in person. On that note, i'll take this opportunity to also wish her an awesome Happy Birthday.
You know, in case she reads my blog when she is bored. lol


Now....to get ready for the long weekend. Woo Hoo! So excited.
Nothing special planned...so far.
I've managed to run a few 5k's on the treadmill at work this week so I am looking forward to being able to hit the pavement this weekend to push myself a little further. After all, it's been the first week I've been running since I got Injured on the Run. I really gotta get my training back in gear. A Midsummer Night's Run is about 6 weeks away. I got 15k to get ready for. Would be nice if I can find a girl friend closer to me to run with too. lol  Just sayin!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!
God Bless

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