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Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Mammogram

I went for my very first mammogram recently, Just Need To Laugh, and let me tell you, I was scared. Why? Well because it wasn't routine. I was sent there because my Dr discovered a lump on a routine physical. Oh...and didn't that just send my mind moving a mile a minute! lol

Cancer knows my family, on both sides. My mother once had colon cancer and had half of her colon removed several years back. Today, she is cancer free. Thank God! My father, well my knowledge on him is very limited, but my understanding is that he has some sort of cancer that resulted in part of his tongue being removed. He may possibly still be receiving treatment. Ie. Radiation/chemotherapy. All I know! Prayers out for them both. Grandparents? Yeah, they met the Big C too (with the exception of maybe one), and have all passed. So yeah...any mention of lumps on my girls and the first thing you think about is the Big C! I don't care how Christian one may be....it's hard not to be fearful. I think I felt myself so often trying to find this lump that I hurt the poor girl and became sore. lol

These articles were very helpful to me so I will share it with hopes that it may help someone else.
Preparing for your 1st Mammogram and Mammography. This was posted recently on CNN after Angelina Jolie announced she had a double mastectomy. Mammograms Save Lives

When my appt was finally made, it was for mid afternoon at a hospital that I am familiar with. Tip: Schedule your appts for the morning if you are a working person. lol Why? You are not allowed to wear deodorant or powders so I went the morning at work without and felt absolutely horrible. By the time I was in the hospital waiting room I swear I was smelling myself. Smh! Luckily, my time in the waiting room was short. Once I was all checked in, I was sent to where the test would be done. They had nice lockers where you could lock up your belongings as you changed into a hospital gown. Note: you only need to remove the top half of your clothes of course. I was the rookie in the waiting room. A little conversation with others and I was made to feel at ease in no time. lol I'm just that friendly! Keep in mind, I've been praying for days, and was certainly praying that morning as I held praise and worship in the car on the way to work, and on the way to the hospital. That helped me big time.

The technician was awesome. Explained exactly what she would be doing and answered any questions I might have had. I didn't really have any. I just wanted to get it over with. From others and from reading, I already knew that I wasn't going to get any info from the tech so I wasn't surprised when she told me. It takes about a week for your Dr to get the results and you can follow up with him. (Yeah, No....I had to wait longer)
All I can say about the experience is that my girls will never be the same! lmao PULL...SQUEEZE!! Ugh! Mind you, once she put a location sticker on my girl, I was able to go home and finally find that damn culprit of concern myself! Scary!

My RELAXED face. lol
Next steps for me was an Ultrasound. Gives them more details on what they are looking at. But, when that appt came around (a few weeks after the mammogram), mum was the word. The technician wasn't saying nothing. Not a peep. Not even a reaction. lol So, it meant more waiting till my Dr had a chance to go over the mammogram and ultrasound reports. I was a bit more relaxed with my waiting though. I had people praying for me. Oh, and thanks to the technician for having warm ultrasound gel instead of cold. lol

True Story - The day of my Ultrasound I sent a message to one of my Facebook friends that I consider truly anointed. Asked that person to pray for me as I had done the day I went for my mammogram. Funny thing was, that when I sent that person a message about my appt early that morning I hadn't told that person what time my appt was. When I returned from my appt I had gotten a message from that person which happened to be a prayer that had been sent exactly 1 minute before my scheduled appt time. How is that for God working? True Story. If that person happens to read this, I just want to say once again how thankful I am to you for your prayer and thoughtfulness. Feeling Blessed!!

Thanks to Prayer....I finally received a good report. All is fine! Don't have any other answers then that. Guess i'll have to ask those the next opportunity I get. For now....all I care about....is that ALL IS FINE!!  Whew!  What an experience I tell ya!  An experience that I can share now...because ALL IS FINE!! :) The last several weeks have been STRESS-FULL! Now, to move onto stressing about other things. lol

Speaking about Stress....I came across this video on YouTube that I felt I needed to share. An awesome word from Steve Harvey. Yes, he is a Comedian but he can do some Preaching on STRESS.  Take a listen. Enjoy!

I'll leave you with this!!
and a reminder that GOD IS GOOD!!

MORAL OF THE STORY - Keep the Faith, Stay in Prayer!

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