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Monday, June 17, 2013

Better Than The Last

My weekend started off by attending the official Grand Opening of Spinbuddies Pole Studio. You know, where I've been taking my classes - Second Class. There was quite a turnout which was nice to see. I took some video and shared on Facebook so I might as well share a bit here too.

The instructors basically demonstrated several spins and other tricks that are taught in class. I was curious as to what there was to learn so you know I had my eyes peeled. After all, i'm only just beginning the Beginner/Intermediate level. I must say too that I was quite amazed.
Check it out:

Oh.....and this one is the owner/instructor - Rose Hen.

I swear they make these moves look soo easy!
So....while i'm not yet climbing way up on the poles yet, or doing any crazy acrobatics, I am doing several different spins while I build my strength. After each class, we learn some Sexy, build confidence. I think i'm not too bad with that part. hahaha
This is how we do it:

The highlight of the weekend was definitely Father's Day. My kids and I kind of blindsided Furman which was real nice. We tried to do something special for him to improve on last year because last year didn't turn out quite how we had planned. So, after church we took him to what is probably his favorite place to eat right now....Federick's Hakka Cuisine. Let me tell you...he was a happy man!! It's hard to get both my children together sometimes because at the young adult ages everybody is kind of doing their own thing. But, they were there for Furman which was awesome. I know I certainly felt great to have dinner with the loves of my life! Think we definitely need to do that more often!! We all left with full bellies, that's for sure. And, had leftovers to take home. My daughter even picked up a beautiful Father's Day card for him. I was touched. I can say with certainty from Furman's reaction to her card that he was certainly touched also. He might hold onto that card until he is old and grey...seriously!! In fact, I know for a fact that he will because he has proven to me on multiple occasions that he saves things that are special to him. Oh man, I can give you an awesome example of when he did something like that, but that's fit for a blog post of it's own. lol
Anyways.....I think we accomplished what we set out to do.
It was a good day!!
So much thanks to my children for making Father's Day a wonderful day for Furman. 
It was definitely better than the last.
Love them!

I'll end my post with this Classic that comes to mind.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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