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Monday, June 3, 2013

Injured on the Run

What a weekend!

I tracked his return.
Making sure no pitstops. lol
Started with picking up my sweety on Friday evening from the airport.
He was amazed at what an easy time he had with Immigration. Honestly. Having a PR card (Permanent Residency) made a world of difference. According to Furman, on his return he was able to use a kiosk for Self Checkout. The machine just scanned his PR Card, his Immigration Form and asked him a few questions. Bingo Bango..he was done. Said it took him maybe 10 minutes. The time he spent was waiting for his luggage. So if he had only carry-on, he would have been out in a jiffy. Quite a difference from all the other times he's traveled here. lol So, those new with PR Cards.....be happy, travelling with it is easy peasy.

Saturday, I was scheduled to run a 10k with my dear friend Catie. 

It was to be her first, which is why I signed up. No bling. No chip time. Just a race for her to finish. Us to finish. At least, that was the plan. Luckily for us, an expected rainy day held off for our run. The route was actually quite beautiful along the water. Furman came with me of course. Thank God.

We started off great!
 But my ending....not so great!  

Yup....you see it. I'm not running (on the right). Actually, I was barely walking. After approximately 9.5kms, I felt a "pop" in my left hip when Catie and I were running the last stretch. I knew instantly that it couldn't be good. Almost took me to the ground. Catie reached back to help me but I told her to go ahead! She had to finish her race.

BAHAHAHAHA!!!  The song of the day!!

I hobbled the rest of the way. The Finish wasn't that far away after running damn near the entire race. lol  The thing too is that while running, I told Catie I felt an ache in my hip (which i've had a couple times in the past). So, I slowed my pace a tad. But close to the Finish...that's when you are supposed to push yourself a bit harder. Furman always says I need help in that department because I am usually out of steam and getting that second wind is a tough one. Now, I think i'm traumatized. lol That last push made me pop! hahaha A few people checked on me as I was hobbling and even offered me a wheelchair. But no, I was determined to cross the Finish on my feet. After finishing, Catie ran back to find me. God Bless her!  
I was in pain, but I wasn't dying. lol
Painful Finish!
She had given the news to Furman. But Furman already knew something was wrong when he saw Catie and didn't see me. She finished the race about 1:03, which is around my usual time. He came to find me too and I told him what happened. I insisted to him, I wasn't going to make a B-line for the parking lot...I was going to cross that Finish Line. lol At the Finish Line, a medic checked on me, asked me a few questions and we were on our way - Home. Furman had me sprawl along the back seat and drove us out of there. I didn't even grab a banana at the Finish. Smh. lol

So, the rest of my weekend was R.I.C.E - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation. Furman has been taking care of me very well. He said i'm officially a runner with my first running injury. lol Oh, and like we all do that we shouldn't do, I consulted Dr Google for self diagnosis. hahaha This sounds about right, Hip Bursitis. Then again, someone else thought it sounded like an injury to my IT Band. Whatever it is, it's painful in the hip. lol I can't even sleep on that side. No, I haven't consulted a real Dr. It's actually started to feel a bit better slowly with some rest. And, with Furman's assistance, I've been not only icing it but also applying heat to promote healing and taking Aleve or Advil. (something anti-inflammatory).

Sunday, I hobbled to church as usual. Probably shouldn't have worn heels, but I did. Wasn't thinking. Then after church we shared in a celebration of a special friend's birthday. Sushi! Her favorite! It was a great afternoon. Then, back to the couch!

Now, i'm back to work. Got here early as usual but this time, I couldn't go to the gym. That would have been absolutely stupid. So, I started blogging. I will be staying away from the gym pretty much all week. After all, that's what rest is. Good thing too....I have no dance classes this week either. Worked out perfectly. Thank goodness, my next race is not until the August A Midsummer Nights Run. So....I can't stay on my ass for too long. I got training to do. I'm just lucky I have such a wonderful husband to train with me and keep me in check! Look forward to being back on the pavement. Furman did say that if I start to feel much better I can start off with some light bicycling or walk, not run, walk on the treadmill at a slight incline to get some movement. We'll see how the week goes. Definitely, not doing anything today. I'm still hobbling. lol

Have an awesome week everyone.
Thanks for reading.

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