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Monday, March 11, 2013

Teens Gone Wild

That's where it seems a lot of teenagers are hanging out this week during March Break. Skiing.
Lucky for my son, he gets to join them too....as a chaperone. Lmao
Yup....time for him to put on his Adult Hat and supervise well mannered as well as the out of control teens.
I feel for him! But, also think it will be a great learning experience.
If only I could be a fly on the wall.
Both Furman and I are looking forward to the stories when he returns. hahaha

So, we headed to Orillia on Saturday morning to assist my son with meeting his bus and starting his job. Collecting teenagers to travel to Quebec.
First stop...and from the little we witnessed....he was going to have his hands full. Oh boy! He chaperoned one bus and there was another girl two years "younger" (21) than my son that was chaperoning the other. Instantly we knew that my son and this other girl were going to be tested. My son is a big guy so he might not have as much trouble. The other girl, well she actually looked like one of the teenagers travelling so I knew she was going to be tested. That was clearly evident when we watched her trying to do spot checks on their carry on bags. You know, to confiscate stuff like drugs, alcohol or weapons. Without hesitation she got attitude from a few. "We weren't told our bags were going to be checked". Yup....someone actually said something like that to her. lol What did they expect? I mean really! She told me this after busting a teenager that actually had the nerve to try and smuggle alcohol on the bus. OMG! Can I say that I am surprised? Nope! What I am surprised about was that it was a girl!! Sure was.

As Furman and I sat in the car to watch the buses getting loaded (and be there in case my son needed anything), we saw a small group of teens huddle in the parking lot. It was only after we heard about them getting "busted", and later saw the broken beer bottle on the concrete, that we realized what they were doing. I had already been shaking my head at the group of girls because one of them was wearing her little sisters skirt. hahaha Not even funny! Now you know that I don't really know if it was her little sisters...but you know what I am saying. The skirt was wayyyyy too short for her. (Like in this photo to the left) I started shaking my head when I saw the girl get out of a car wearing the skirt. "Umm...like where does this chick think she is going?" I'm thinking....and then almost passed out when the girl was bending over in the huddle clearly full out flashing us sitting in the car. If only she knew, although she may not have cared. We saw wayyyy too much. I swear I wanted to jump out of the car and pull her skirt down. But I know that wouldn't have helped because there really wasn't anything of the skirt to pull down. Not sure how it could even be called a skirt. lol I remember my days of wearing short skirts. Oh yes I do...they aren't the most comfortable ya know! Always trying to pull them down to make sure nothing is showing. Yeah, like I said, she probably didn't care.

After all was said and done, attendance was taken, bags were checked and everybody boarded the buses to head to their next stop to pick up MORE TEENAGERS! Lord help them! lol I gave my son the quick version of the parent speech...lol And even gave the other girl an even quicker version. haha Hey...she wasn't MY kid...but felt I needed to give her a reminder of what her parents may have already told her. All about being responsible and covering their asses. Any difficulties they have with anything or anyone need to be reported to their supervisors asap.....and, to have fun. It will certainly be an experience.

Just makes me think of all the stuff I missed out on as a teenager. I was pretty shy and withdrawn until my early twenties. I also was a victim of bullying so remained very fearful of people until I finished school. My issues....my skin was too light, or I was too pretty. Go figure! In my younger years, I grew up in an area that was very populated by Portuguese. Never had no problems that I remember. But, when I moved to an area where you'd think I'd fit in for my teenage years. An area very populated by black people...that's where my problems began. Like I said, I was too light! But, I did a 180 and started to find myself in my early twenties. I became the life of the party. hahaha In a matter of speaking. The point I was trying to make was that I am sure that there were many opportunities I missed out on because I was more reserved and not outgoing in the least. Things that in i'd jump at the chance if I was a teenager now. But...I'm clearly not!! hahaha So, I always try to encourage my kids to take advantage of stuff that I wish I could of. Be more outgoing. Travel as much as possible and get educated! On and on and on.... since all these experiences are what help build our character. Yup! They sure do.

So, I've wished my son an awesome trip. He called me to let me know that he made it safe and sound, and that his first night was absolutely crazy. hahaha Picture it, a hotel full of teenagers! 1100 spread amongst 3 hotels. Yup...not much sleep for the adults (or those trying to be adult) trying to keep order. Welcome to parenting! Because we know, who our teenager is at home is not always who they are when they are out with their friends....oh noooooo. lol

Prayers out for all the people that are travelling this March Break. That they have travelling mercies, stay safe and create awesome memories.

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