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Monday, March 18, 2013

Live Chat

Well, I had an opportunity to use a LIVE CHAT service this weekend.
Won't tell you for which company, but let me just say that it was quite an experience. lol


I just happened to be looking at one of my bills online and noticed that on one of my services we had gone over in what we were paying for in terms of usage. Well damn! It's gonna cost us just over another month of service for not paying attention to something we probably should have. lol Nobody to blame but ourselves. Oh well.
Sooo, I decided to search for some information on options. Can't have this happen again ya know! Changes I could make to save us money the next go around. You know, instead of just stopping what we were doing that cost us all this extra money. (It could have been worse but you know what I mean. Lesson learned.) This, is where Live Chat came in. I decided to give them a try. Save myself some search time for info cause one of my shows was coming on, and possibly get any changes made that I might need. Well......

I initiated Chat and started my conversation with Erick. Now, keep in mind that you really and truly have no idea where these people are. They could be in India just like half of customer service for soo many companies seem to be these days. I'm just saying. Erick answered a few of my questions but we ran into a problem when we seemed to get stuck at Erick's desire to sell me a product that I didn't need right now. I was happy with what I had, just wanted more of it. My current service had certain limits, and...I was already paying additional for extra usage. Online, I saw that there was Unlimited Usage available. According to Erick, in order for me to have this Unlimited Usage, I had to change to a newer service that I didn't need. Mind you, on the actual website there was nothing in small writing saying that the Unlimited Service was only compatible with this new service he was offering me. Oh noooo....I checked. I think he was trying to bamboozle me. He was good, but I was better. So, I put him off and told him I would contact customer service on Monday so I could actually speak with someone because certain things he was telling me wasn't making sense. Nope...he wasn't getting my sale! Lord knows, I dreaded having to call customer service because usually you get someone from an overseas location that is soo scripted they are too busy reading their script to listen to your concern.
So, after completing my Live Chat with Erick, I browsed the company site some more and decided I would initiate another Live Chat. hahaha Sure did. Got Kasey this time. So, I didn't get into as much detail with Kasey as I did with Erick because I really didn't want to repeat myself. I don't care how fast I might type. lol But, I cut to the chase and told Kasey exactly what I wanted. What Erick was indicating that I couldn't have unless I changed my service. I just wasn't telling Kasey I was told that. I wanted Unlimited Usage without having to change my current service in any way. After all, according to the website, Unlimited Usage was just an extra monthly charge on top of what you have already. Low and behold....Kasey confirmed exactly what I figured to be correct in the first place. Erick was wrong and I was right!! (Not that I have to be right all the time! lol)
Then again, maybe Kasey was wrong and Erick was right?  lol At this point, I didn't even care....I was getting exactly what I wanted. Kasey was able to help me and wasn't trying to sell me anything more. So, Kasey did an order to make the change. I should have what I wanted and need in about 24 hours, assuming she was right that is! Hey..she even told me how to get a transcript of our conversation for safe keeping. Well how smart is that? Didn't matter if she was making an error because I had it all in writing now! Erick didn't offer that little tidbit about the transcript! I wonder why? lol Way to go Kasey! Excellent customer service in my opinion.

Moral of the Story - When dealing with Customer Service - sometimes you just have to hang up and try again. lol This obviously applies to Live Chat Service too!  hahaha If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Maybe you'll find your Kasey.

Trust me though, I know for a fact that tons of people already know this based on my experience with working in Customer Service myself. I've had plenty of customers trying to get something out of me that they couldn't get from someone else. lol Can't say I blame them. Not all customer service reps have the same expertise. And, when you throw the sales component in.....customer service really gets lost because all that representative wants is to make the damn sale. Shame on you Erick!!

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