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Monday, October 29, 2012

Status Request

I did it!

My impatience gave way and I sent Immigration an email today. Not sure if they'll respond but I did it anyways. Lol. I figure at the very least it would prompt someone to pull up our file even if just to see if my impatient behind should be emailing them yet. Their website indicates that you shouldn't contact them until after the application processing time on the schedule has passed. In our case, that's 10 months for step 2. I just don't know if they start step 2 from when they approved step 1 or when they indicated our application was In Process which was August 31st. Today, I didn't care. I was reading the Road to Canada Forum and corresponding with frustrated applicants as I often do sometimes. Comparing notes. Lol. In one thread I read this message and got excited:

Also, a number of people have reported sending e-mail to Ottawa saying "what's the status of our application" and getting a PPR back within a very short period of time (in one case, four hours!) Of course, other's get an e-mail that says "we're busy, go away, we'll be in touch".

So, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to send my own Status Request.

Now, important to know that I did send them an email on August 19th. That was after I got a new passport with my new name. After I did that my name no longer matched what was on the sponsorship application, so I figured I had to send them an email to let them know. I never received a response to that Aug 19th email. The website was never updated with the new information. (Because you know I check! Almost daily in fact.) However, as I mentioned above, August 31st our application was updated to In Process on the website. So, I can't help but wonder now if my email helped in any way. You know, maybe it got them to look at our application. Lol. You never know. Could be a coincidence.

Sooo, lets see what happens now!

There is a girl that I've been corresponding with on the forum that is also from Miami, tlynn406. Her application process is right behind ours so we've been keeping in touch to share information and stuff. She decided that she would send an email today also. Both of us will check in with each other to see if we've heard anything as a result of our emails.

Ohhhh...but I check back this evening on the forum only to get an update from someone I hadn't seen on the forum before. Guess what I got to read!
I just received an e-mail from Ottawa requesting a copy of my passport today, mere 12 days after they started processing my application!
Their timeline supposedly:                                 Ours:
Application submitted to Mississauga - 4/3/12   Application submitted to Mississauga - 1/27/12
Application received by Mississauga - 4/4/12     Application received by Mississauga - 1/31/12
Sponsorship approved - 7/6/12                          Sponsorship approved - 5/7/12
Application "In Process" - 10/17/12                    Application "In Process" - 8/31/12
Copy of passport requested - 10/29/12             WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR PPR!

Unreal!! What is wrong with this picture? 
It's depressing to see our timeline alongside someone else's timeline whose application was received almost 3 months AFTER ours. Are they lying? Naw...why would they. Can I say jealous! Hell yeah!! I just wish I knew how on earth Immigration is doing things over there. How some applications get processed faster than others. Someone suggested that I order something called GCMS Notes. From what I've been reading I guess it's some breakdown of how they are processing each part of the application, so you can get an idea of what they are waiting on or stuck at. Apparently, those notes take about 30 days to receive. Not sure if I want to go that route yet. I'm still holding out hope that this will all be over real soon. Please God!!

Like I said already....let's watch over the next week to see if anything happens with my email.


Keep praying for us.
It's not over till it's over.

Here's a Classic...Just because the title fits. lol

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