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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fly On The Wall

I was taking a break from work and thinking about some things that made me say to myself,
"Gheez, if only I could be a fly on the wall". lmao   (hence, the Miley Cyrus..:))

Oh man..... Have you ever wished you could be? Seriously though!

Yup....that's what i'm wishing I could be these days.
A big ole dirty fly. hahaha

Or, like Miley sang, "a creepy little sneaky little fly on the wall." lol
Just like in this silly picture. Just sitting there, chillin' out, watching and listening to all that goes on in different places. A spy!
As many would call it...being NOSY.
I'm really not a nosy parker and tend to keep to myself generally. But i'll admit when I'm faced with a situation that really has my curiosity peaked to HIGH levels. lol

Like I mentioned in my previous post, The Battle..., my hubby was hanging out for the day with some friends and their kids yesterday while I was at work wishing I could be there. He had a great time by the way. Such a great time that they kidnapped him for dinner. I was too exhausted to join him. But that was a fly moment. lol Just curious how his day was going is all.

When my hubby and I were still doing the Long Distance dating thing...Oh boy....talk about wishing I could be a fly on the wall. Not that I didn't trust him or anything....he was just wayyyyy too far. I wanted to be with him! I had to live through whatever he told me was happening on his end of the planet. lol That's tough. But hey, we are together now. That's over! And pretty soon it will be for good, if Immigration can just hurry their butts up.

But, fellow parents, haven't there been occasions where you wish you could be a fly on the wall? Oh boy.
Like I mentioned already with people dating, what about you? Haven't there been times where you've been curious about things soo much that you've wished you could be a fly on the wall, to find out what your bf or gf was upto? lol  Ok, rewind...being that fly just might not be a good thing in that situation. lol
In any situation actually. You just never know.

Sometimes the things we want to know are things we shouldn't know. When we find out certain things we weren't ready for, we don't know what to do with it. Then again, sometimes we need that info so that we can know how to handle situations that need help. If only.....

Perfect example, when I was younger I dated a guy that I was 90% sure was cheating on me. I was seeing things that made me question. Don't even ask! lol But you know us girls sometimes, we need proof (even if we have it) and never follow our gut or things that should be plain as day. lol Well, I went ahead one day and just asked the guy flat out if he was cheating on me. Probably not in those words though. Women, do we really expect guys to tell us the truth? I mean really. lol People doing things that they shouldn't be doing aren't trying to get caught and certainly don't plan to admit it unless they are just tired. That's just my opinion. The excitement comes from them not getting caught. Anyways, the guy answered me truthfully and told me HE WAS. Like WTH? He wasn't supposed to tell me the truth! It was like I had been hit by a Mack Truck. I do remember that much. lmao I didn't know what to say or do next because I wasn't expecting the answer I got, even though my heart knew the truth before I asked. Hey...I gotta give that guy some credit though. He had balls nerve!
Anyways....to make a sad story short....his answer didn't change anything. hahahaha Young and Dumb! That was me. I was a regular door mat I tell ya! I stuck around because aside from his cheating on me, he treated me good. lol  But eventually I got there (a few different times)....yup, this song is appropriate. hahaha
Soo sooo true.

Well, I was just rambling. Sharing some thoughts...so I decided to write. 
I still wanna be a fly on the wall though. lol
Some people I know have some interesting things going on that I'd love to know how they handle it. 
Maybe it would shed some light on some things. A lot of things.
Hell, for all I know, somebody is out there wishing they could be a fly on MY wall.  hahahaha
Ya never know!

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