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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I don't do Halloween like I used to when I was growing up, when my kids were growing up. They're grown up enough now that I don't even really need to think about it. So, I crawl into my cave and turn off my outside lights so I don't have to be bothered with the door knocking. I hate to break the hearts of the neighborhood kids with nothing to give them. Nope...I don't even give out candies and definitely don't decorate. Call me a Halloween Scrooge...I don't care. lol Halloween just doesn't happen anymore. But, I do have some very fond memories of my own trick or treating days. lol And, some great memories of when I used to take my children out to do the same. You know....when it was safer!

Seems like it was only yesterday when my daughter was dressing up as a yellow "M & M". She was the cutest thing, especially since she has a beautiful chocolate complexion. I don't remember what my son used to dress as since that was much longer ago than my daughters trick or treating days. I do remember one neighborhood we lived in, in particular, where my kids would go out and come back with a green garbage bag full of stuff for me to sort through. (Making sure no idiot tampered with anything). Seems kind of greedy now that I think about it. lol Oh, but they didn't go door to door with a green garbage bag. Oh no....they had the traditional pillow case or regular plastic garbage bag. lol Those little jack o lantern buckets just weren't cutting it. Sometimes in the middle of trick or treating they would come home and empty their bags only to go back out again. It was all about hanging out with the friends and being silly. (I did it too) Oh yes, and trying to fill those UNICEF boxes. Remember those? Do they even still do those?
Gheez, I also remember when my being a chaperone was no longer necessary. Naw...it wasn't cool to have mom hanging around as they hit junior high school age. No way. I always made sure they were safe though, and with a group. Sometimes I got to take my daughter out alone while my son went with his friends since there was an age difference there. At the end of the day, they had enough candy to last them till the next Halloween. I never really allowed my kids to eat a lot of candy to begin with. But, they had their stash. I used to have to hide the candies in the house too after finding candy wrappers in unsuspecting places. lmao Kids! One year I think we even gave out Halloween candy for a change because we had so much left over from the previous year. After all, it's not all about the candy! It was about the experience and memories being created. We made those. We did the pumpkin carving and roasting of pumpkin seeds too. (sigh) Memories!

Anyways...in keeping with the theme of Halloween I thought I would share a Classic that I also shared on Facebook for the day. Michael Jackson's THRILLER!  RIP Michael.

Man, I remember when this video made its debut on television. My cousin and I couldn't wait to see it and sat anxiously in front of the tv with excitement. Captivated by each dance move and the morphing of Michael Jackson from a good looking young man into a nicely designed werewolf. lol Even tried to copy a few of the moves. Funny thinking about it. Yup...those were the days!

Happy Halloween to all you trick or treaters and chaperones as you create your own memories that last a lifetime...and some cavities too! lol

Oh, and by the way....I haven't heard anything from Immigration yet on my Status Request email. However, an update yesterday from tlynn406 who also sent an email indicated that she received the "don't call us we'll call you" emailed response. hahaha In other words, bugger off! So, I'll take my hearing nothing as a good sign. Always trying to stay positive. As always, when and if I hear something new....you'll know!! You sure will!!

Take care and God Bless

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