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Friday, May 2, 2014

NBA Playoff Experience

We just had the most awesome experience - together!
We went to an NBA Playoff Game - Game 5, Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets.
It was worth every penny spent AND getting in trouble for getting the tickets when I did. Long story.
Unfortunately, I had to miss an awesome pole spinning workshop that I had signed up to attend too. But, again, it was soo worth it.

When we arrived at the Air Canada Center we saw that every seat was covered with a white t-shirt that said WE THE NORTH on it for all the fans to wear.
Let the excitement begin. Lord knows I needed a great night after having dealt with a lot of stress the last little while. We immediately put the t-shirts on to get into the fan spirit as we waited for the stadium to fill and the game to begin. Took a photo.

Photo: Playoffs Game 5! 
It was a full house! Not sure there was an empty seat anywhere. A beautiful sight!

                      Furman White's photo.
Our seats were pretty high up but they were still great seats as far as we were concerned. We were happy. Furman and I are not that hard to please. lol Oh...and so were the fans that surrounded us (happy that is), which were definitely a bunch of characters - especially the ones sitting beside Furman. hahaha Pure jokes. In excitement, Furman was grabbed, punched, hugged, picked up...I don't even know what else. The guy beside him was definitely full of excitement, and the several beers that he drank helped him get that way. lol  During halftime the guy stepped out and came back with this giant red finger....but he let Furman hold onto it because I guess he felt he deserved to for putting up with him..lol I dunno. Gee....I just wonder how much he paid for that thing?

Photo: Cheering for the Home Team!!

For the night, this Miami Heat fan was a very good Raptor fan. lol
Love him!!

As exciting as the game was, it was almost devastating to watch the Raptors lose a 26 point lead and allow the game to be tied 101 to 101 in the fourth quarter. It was crazy!! But, us fans kept at it. The place was LOUD!! Yup...best fans in the NBA.  Raptors Fans singing National Anthem at Game 5 A proud to be Canadian moment.

Oh, and let me mention one of the highlights for Furman....FREE PIZZA!! lol
When the Raptors reach a 100 points in a home game that they win, the fans can redeem their tickets for a free slice of pizza at  PIZZA PIZZA. After having been to a few games already, Furman was happy to finally get his free slice. The game was definitely a nail biter. But, they pulled it off!!!  RAPTORS WIN!!

Now, if they can only win Game 6 being played tonight in Brooklyn. So exciting. Definitely won't be the same crowd, but they can do it! Stay focused! Brooklyn wanted to face Toronto...so give them what they wanted and finish off the round Raptors. Now, if they win and have to face Miami in the next round....that will be interesting. After all, Furman can root for the Raptors with me, but when Miami is playing....all bets are off...he is a die hard Miami fan. lol I still love him. :)

But, we look forward to watching the North play the South!
On that note, i'll end with this awesome video I have shared once before.



I can hear the chant from the square.

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