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Friday, May 16, 2014

More Than One Mans Garbage

I woke up this morning to find an empty bin had been placed in our neighbours driveway for neighbourhood garbage collection.  Something like this one.
Right away I was like WTH? I knew Furman would NOT be happy although it's in the neighbours driveway and not our own. Just too close to home I would say. I mean, anything can fly out of the bin and hit our car. Not everybody has a good aim. But I'm sure the neighbour must have agreed to have the bin placed there. So, I set off to do some investigation.

Apparently, there are about 6 of these bins placed throughout our neighbourhood to encourage people to clean out their clutter so they don't dump. And let me tell you, people started coming out in droves. Like Zombie's awakened from the grave. It was crazy! I watched from the bedroom window how in only a few hours the bin filled up. Only a few hours I tell ya!! I've never been one of those neighbours to window watch and be in everybody's business but this was hilarious. I was amazed.

One thing I will say is that the driveway they parked the bin in was certainly helpful for my neighbour because he had all kinds of garbage in his garage. All kinds! The stuff on the top of that photo is all from his garage. And, he lives there alone. lol So, I watched the garbage pile up and shook my head as I silently determined which items could possibly have been donated to a good home instead. Why don't people donate? Oh well. In my snooping, I even observed possible hoarders come out to see what they could remove from the bins too. No lie! 

I was concerned about exactly how long this bin was going to be there and my investigation uncovered that it would be there probably for the entire weekend. WHAT?! Furman is not going to be happy!! As I watched the bin fill up I wondered where people were going to put stuff when the bin was full, since it was going to sit there all weekend. Furman was concerned also because he felt people would start leaving their garbage around the bin. Yes, even though there are other bins in the neighbourhood we were concerned. You know as well as I do that some people are just plain lazy. lol

However, around 3pm someone came to remove the bin. I was soo happy. Hope they don't bring another empty one. We'll have to wait and see. How much garbage can the neighbourhood honestly have? lol But looking at the positive, it's nice that people have an opportunity to clean out and have their big garbage removed at no cost to them.

Wait a minute...I wonder if I have anything I need to get rid of? lol Hmmm?

Now, maybe some people can use their garages to actually park their cars.

Well, my husband is almost home from work so I'll stop here so I can get back to finishing dinner before he walks in. It's the long weekend baby!!  Woo Hoo Hopefully the weather is decent enough that we can get in several good runs. After all, next weekend is the Ottawa Half Marathon. Looking forward to taking my husband to our Nation's Capital. Yes, for those who didn't know, Ottawa is the Capital of Canada. lol I have a cousin that lives in Ottawa too, so the plan is to also see her before we head back. You know, give her an opportunity to meet my handsome husband...show him off a bit. lol Will be nice to get away, even if we are going to RUN.

Have an awesome and very safe long weekend my fellow Canadians.


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