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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hidden Letter?

I just had an emotional moment that was too cute I had to share.

I unexpectedly found a letter that was written on a note pad and hadn't been given directly to me, although it was meant for me. No doubt about that!

Not sure if not giving it to me was an oversight or if the intention was for me to find it like I did. That's not even important. What was expressed in this Mother's Day letter and how it made me feel is what is soo important and will never be forgotten.

My daughter came to spend Mother's Day Weekend with us. Very special since she lives away from home trying to make her mark in the world and getting educated. Was so nice to have her around. Missed her very much. That being said, she sacrificed her sleep time Saturday morning by agreeing to attend my usual Ladies Prayer Breakfast with me. I was shocked. But, it was so nice of her to attend to share in fellowship and meet the ladies who have been consistently keeping her in prayer during her transition from teenager to adult. Following that, she even agreed to go on a hike with Furman and I through the woods. WHAT? lol Yup...we took her through a long walk and introduced her to our local wooded hill and the 99 Steps of Thornton Bales. Bet she might not do that again. haha  To make it even better, she came to church with us on Sunday morning with no fuss like teenagers usually like to give. Nope...not her. She is growing up. Sunday's message taught by Pastor Bryan at Hope For Today was right for my daughter, as well as many others I am sure. "GOD HAS GOT YOUR BACK!!"  Yup...he sure does.

Then, together with Furman, and both my children, we went to visit my mom in the hospital in coordination with my sister and her husband to make the visit for mom extra special. That, it was. Always a thrill to see my mom soo happy. We topped off Mother's Day with a wonderful dinner at my favorite place - Federicks. Man oh man! I'm soo happy they aren't located close to home because I would be too much of a regular. Their food and prices are amazing.

I had to take a photo of this glass of wine that I decided to have. NEVER have I ordered a glass of wine in a restaurant that only cost me $3.75. And, to top it off, they filled the glass damn near the top! WHAT? You know you never get a full glass of wine at a restaurant. lol Unless i've just always been to the wrong places. Not that I usually drink wine when I go out anyways, but I observe and used to waitress.

Well, this evening I was clearing up some clutter that I had left on a table. This included removing a notepad that I had out. When I turned over the notepad I came across a letter that was addressed to me. "Dear Mom,"  Yup, that's me! I kept reading. I wont share the letter but I will definitely share how it started...and how I started to get emotional. Knowing my daughter, this was written when she was up real late. lol

The letter goes on....and I could never describe how it made me feel. My babygirl is growing up. To  my haters - you were wrong....I am a very good mother...Smh. I may not have been perfect, but I was good enough for my children and I am very proud. They will always be a work in progress, just like I am...but God is good and faithful.

So, in case my daughter reads my blog at any time....I want to say again how thankful that I am for this wonderful letter she left for me. I love her and my son very much. I'm very blessed and very proud. Oh....and thanks again for spending the weekend with us. Your company is always welcome.

Ok.....I've had my emotional moment and will now put the letter away for safe keeping along with some other notes I have received in the past. Thank You Son  & Signed: A Friend.

                                       Photo: To YOU ❤️

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