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Monday, May 19, 2014


I love long weekends.  
Just wish they weren't so short. Lol
This weekend was a weekend where we never really had anything planned other than to kick around the house. So, that's what we kind of did. Got our hiking done on Saturday morning. Oh, and for the record.... For those who read my previous post... There was a brand new green bin in my neighbors driveway on Saturday too. Lol 

Got a few errands done this weekend which included shopping for some new running shoes for Furman. I already got mine. After all, our Half Marathon is this coming weekend in Ottawa. Woo hoo. Ready or not, we will come!

We ended our long weekend by taking care of something that has been on the TO DO LIST for a while now.  Removing a tree stump from our backyard. It was what was remaining after Furman cut off all the branches several weekends ago. Just had to remove what was left so we can get our yard into summer shape. As you can imagine, it was a task. 

The below collage shows what we were working with, and what it looked like when Furman got it uprooted. The picture of me with the shovel? Well, that was actually filling the hole when Furman was finished. Hahaha 


Yup....it was a very busy and productive day. 

Ready for gardening, even though it's hard on the back. Not sure how some people find it to be therapeutic. hahaha. Guess I just might find out. In the meantime, running is my therapy.

Now, we are turning in as I try to get some extra sleep since I am returning to the battlefield tomorrow. Prayers welcomed as the days to come will be very challenging. 

Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend. 

God Bless

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