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Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Missed

I've had the opportunity to attend my very first Bachelorette Party this past weekend. No lies.
Was very excited and felt very honoured to have been invited by some awesome ladies. Another family I'd say. My Spinbuddies family.

I never had a Bachelorette Party when I was getting married, so this was going to be a whole new experience for me. I love new experiences. Wasn't quite sure what to expect other than a very fun night. That, I knew for sure. Considering the week I've had, I was definitely looking forward to a night to unwind.

My wonderful awesome husband was the designated driver. You know, so I could DRINK with the ladies.

I did....but not too too much. lol 
I wanted to remember this experience.

In preparation for the party I was to buy a pair of panties which was for a game we were to play. Of course, my inexperienced self had no clue about it until I was in the Romance Shop and the sales lady told me what it's all about. Ohhhhh. The bride to be is supposed to guess who brought which pair of panties and there are consequences for getting it wrong. hahahaha Guess what those were!

Also, we were to bring something silly for the bride to wear. Ie. penis earrings. I had no clue what to bring. Like I said, I was new at this. But, the Romance Shop helped me out. So, this is what I picked up on behalf of myself and my Pole Buddy that was going with me to the event, to save her a trip.

Shot glass ring.
You are seeing correct! hahaha
My apologies to those who might be a bit prudish. No offence. Was all in good fun.
With the supplies on the bed spread out, we all got together and waited for the bride-to-be to arrive. It was supposed to be a surprise....but she may have figured something was going on when she got outside the hotel room door and possibly heard us all trying to shush each other up. hahahaha

Included grass skirt, coconut bra, tiara, bride-to-be glasses, sash...
Anyways.....I don't want to tell you too much about the Bachelorette Party. lol Can't let the cat out of the bag about all that goes on (don't think i'm supposed to...lol)...other than that it was great fun and completely harmless. We all looked out for each other and everybody was on their best behaviour. 
But...I will share one photo...evidence of a great time!
Yeah....it's a bit blurry...but you can't expect a bunch of drinking ladies to take a perfect photo. hahahaha
Love it!  Ohhhh....and my feet were singing by the end of the night because I was wearing heels...something I don't do as much as I used to. Goodness me I was hating myself. hahaha But I'm they're (the feet) are ok. lol

To Heal or not to Heel?
One last thing I will share about a wonderful night and experience is what I thought was the absolute highlight. Towards the end of the night we ended up at a location that had poles, you know, like the ones we do our pole fitness on. But these people don't use their poles for pole fitness. Trust me on that one. The bride-to-be appeared to be giving a tip when in actual fact she just wanted to get on the pole. BAHAHAHAHA And that she did! It was soo awesome. Love her! She got up there with her bachelorette costume on and showed how the poles should really be used. Highlight I tell ya!!

At the end of the night...as expected, Furman was outside waiting for my friend and I to take us home safely. We talked his head off all the way home so he certainly didn't have any issues staying awake. lol I was just soo happy to be able to slip my feel out of my shoes. lol I swear that once I took them out, I wouldn't have been able to get them back in if I had tried. Smh.

Very thankful for the invitation to be a part of a special evening for a special lady. 

It did wonders for my stress level. Something I've been working on since last week to control. Reduce the headaches, back and neck pain, and get some decent sleep. Yup, working on it!

Living Stress Free: 6 Ways to De-stress in Less than 5 Minutes
On that note....I need to lay down and relax. But I thought I'd blog after remembering some advice I received today on how to de-stress....and writing was a recommendation. Something, I already do. 
Who knew?!!  lol

The other advice.......relaxing music/sounds.....I was actually sent a CD with something like this to listen to. So, if you need to relax yourself.....check it out:  (Sounds straight out of a Spa)

Have a great RELAXING evening.

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