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Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Wrong!

I had to blog because I am soo grossed out right now.

So, on a trip to the ladies room today at work, I took notice that there was a lady a couple stalls away from me having conversation while doing her business. Clearly, she was on her cellphone. I didn't think for a second that she was having a conversation with herself (although it's possible), AND I wasn't hearing another voice respond from another stall so. She was speaking some language (Polish? Russian? who knows...my internal translator hasn't been working for years. lol), so I couldn't understand from her conversation what might have been so important to discuss at a time like this. I mean really? People can't put their phones down for two minutes? lol But really, that's not even what grossed me out.

I was at the bathroom sink washing my hands....and washing them properly I might add....lol

In case you didn't know...that's 20 SECONDS! lol

I decided to kick around a few more seconds wiping my hands with paper towel so that I could see who this bathroom stall conversationist was. lol Two other ladies were in the washroom by the door just having conversation. When all of a sudden, this lady flushes, comes out of her stall with her cellphone at her ear and walks straight past the two ladies talking...and out the door!  My jaw dropped!  Did you catch that? SHE DIDN'T WASH HER DAMN HANDS!!  She didn't even come near the sink. Smh. I mean really! Not even a 5 second wash because people were around. lmao She must really be pressed for time. WTH?

I looked at the other two ladies standing by the door talking. "Did you see that?" All of our jaws dropped. Then, my friend came out of a stall and joined in the conversation about what just happened. Needless to say, I used my power towel to open the door as I exited. lol

Moral of the Story:  Yup....that's why after you wash your hands in a public washroom you must use your paper towel to open the door (if it's that kind of door), because there are some dirty people out there. You don't know where people's hands have been. Well, in this case, we kinda do. lol I hope nobody borrows her cellphone too. Study: 1 in 6 Cellphones Contaminated with Fecal Matter  Keep this article in mind if you ever need to borrow someone's cellphone. lol Yeah, you get caught like this,...you'll get talked about. No doubt about that! Funny thing though, I don't think the lady would even care. She didn't care enough to give the sink a second thought, with people standing around to see how nasty she was. Oh, and i'm sure there are plenty of other culprits. Not me!!

Oh...and in case you were wondering, Top 10 Dirtiest Things You Touch Daily.  Just looking out. lol

So, if you were in the bathroom and saw somebody who wasn't washing/didn't wash their hands....would you say something to them? Me? I'm not ballsy enough for that. I'd have to have liquid courage to be that brave. lol My friend said that she would sooo say something to her! lol

Anyways....I just wanted to vent. Give you all something to think about if you don't already. I'm sure i'll run into this lady again. When I do, i'll be watching!! hahahaha

Happy Friday everyone.
Here's wishing you all a most awesome SuperBowl Weekend.  Who are YOU rooting for?
Yes yes yes....I am actually looking forward to watching the SuperBowl. lol I am a changed woman! Yup...get married, people change.

Here's my favorite 2013 SuperBowl Commercial I've come across.
And NO, IT'S NOT RACIST! (In my opinion)

And this girl, love her videos, is spot on as to why.........
you might need to slow it down, she talks fast and with accent. lol

Go Ravens! lol

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