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Friday, February 8, 2013


We are having a.....
Yup...I am finally taking a break!
I figure, that after 360 days of going through this Immigration Process that we need to just chill out and relax before Furman gets into the land of the employed. Lol. I kinda figured he'd be Landed by this time. Good planning eh?
So, we're not going to travel out of town. In fact, we are going to spend the week just enjoying each others company. Try to drive each other nuts! Haha. Jk jk.
Maybe, just maybe, (depending on the weather) we'll venture into the city and look for some trouble. We'll see.

Staycation couldn't have come at a better time. The weather outside is absolutely horrible. Took me 2 1/2 hours to get home from work last evening, and that's even with cheating by taking the car pool lane by myself. I was feeling like a Rebel! hahaha Bad To The Bone!  B b b b b bad! lmao

I'm not looking forward to the commute this evening where it is forecast to be even worse. This photo, was this morning. (Ask no questions, i'll tell you no lies) Wasn't too bad getting to work, in MY opinion anyways. CityNews Report I guess because a lot of people stayed home making the roads a bit lighter. Me, I didn't have that option so it was off to work I go! Only saw one vehicle in the ditch. Got to work an hour early and hit the gym. Why not? I just worry for when Furman has to get out and drive in this stuff. He lacks snow driving experience being from Miami. lol

Anyways, the day before holidays is always a great day at work. I wont quite call it a nothing day, but pretty close. A day when you clear up work off your desk so you aren't leaving too much for your backup to follow up on. And, they are preparing to change the carpets in our office next week, so I had to pack up everything on my desk before going on holidays so my space is ready. That being said...hey, my stuff is packed away, how am I supposed to work anyways? jk jk

Counting down the hours till my Staycation begins. I've got prayer breakfast tomorrow morning that I might skip to attend a Stewardship Redefined Workshop at my church. And then, it's Church in the City day - feeding the homeless. My daughter needs to finish her Volunteer Hours for school in order to graduate, because she didn't properly report the hours she already completed. Apparently, she is not alone though. I've heard that several teenagers have done the same thing. Just not handed in the forms. I don't get it. They do the volunteer work and hoard the paperwork? So now yesterday, being the record keeper that I am (Ok, I'm a lil bit of a Beaver (Leave It To Beaver), just nothing compared to my hubby), I was checking my old agendas, Outlook Calendar and Facebook Timeline to get dates of her previous Volunteer Events. Facebook came in handy i'll tell ya! Thanks to my photo sharing I was able to get some of the information I needed. And...managed to get some of her previous volunteer work signed off (again) so that she doesn't have to start from scratch to get her 40hours. She's already done way more than that, just had to prove it....Oh, and she has to hand in the Volunteer Forms to the school to be counted this time. After all, you can't graduate without 40hours of Volunteer Work. Something I think is a great idea that they never had when I was in school. She's applied for College and offers are coming in. Wow...my baby is growing up. Graduating High School this year and going to College? So proud of my baby girl!

Well, I just thought i'd kill a little bit of my time blogging.
I'm on Staycation next week!! Na Na Na Na Na!  lol  I know, I said that.
Can you tell i'm excited? lol

I get to Stay Home!

Safe travels home if you are in an area where you are experiencing this bad weather.
Have an awesome weekend.  
Oh mann....Have an awesome week.
I'll be around.

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