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Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's over!
My Staycation is officially DONE today.
I'm relaxed. I really am. Just wish I could have slept in this weekend.
Awake wayy too early for the second time, through no fault of my own, so I thought I would blog.
I'm pissed actually! So really, i'm venting. Preventing myself from texting someone to do something they can't do right now anyways. Turn off their damn alarm clock! Not funny.
My neighbors go away pretty much every weekend which normally leaves the house quiet when compared to what is heard throughout the week from them. New Neighbors - Time to Leave
This weekend, they must have forgotten and left an alarm clock set and ready to go! So, Saturday morning I was taken out of my slumber by the sound of a digital alarm clock (Sound I'm hearing!) which wasn't even in their bedroom. WTH? I thought I had been dreaming. Couldn't get the sound out of my head so I got out of bed to investigate. I figured it was coming from my daughters room and that it just wasn't doing it's job in waking her up. But, when I went to turn it off.....it wasn't hers. Sooo, I strolled around the house in the dark and what was supposed to be quiet to follow the sound. I didn't have to go far. It was intermittent and was driving me crazy! It was coming through the walls. OMG! I couldn't turn it off and nobody is home. What do you do? But growl! It wasn't waking anybody else in my house up. Why me? How long do these things go off anyways? I waited, and waited. And growled as I turned on my television to block out the sound. I'm awake now!  I composed a text message to send to my neighbors. After all, i'm awake by their clock so they should be too. lol Was it going to buzz all day? But, when I figured to send the text message after about an hour and a half of buzzing, I noticed that the sound had finally stopped. Ok Ok. No text message sent. But...I wasn't keeping in mind that it went off by itself and that I would go through this again Sunday morning. I was just soo happy the sound stopped. And....here I am again!

I'll text them later and tell them about their alarm clock. Damn straight I will! I can't go through this another weekend. They are nice people unlike what I've had to deal with previously. Only reason i've been soo tolerant of all the noise. We'll be moving soon enough though. Furman is landed....so after we find him some employment we can start making some changes.

Ok...I've vented...so let me just say...I'm not looking forward to returning to work. Was having fun playing Siskel. You know? Of Siskel & Ebert. The movie critics.
Yeah.... I've taken a liking to Netflix and had made my living room the screening room. Lol. So, this past week I had grown roots and just watched movie after movie with my hubby. With him having an American account, we had more of a selection to choose from than what they offer Canadians. Go figure!
It was great! I search a movie on Netflix then look it up using the Imdb app on my iPad so I can review a possible trailer. Once I've selected the movie and watched it, I returned to the app to add my own rating and then share it to Facebook with my own comments. Lmao. I know, I know.... Who made me the movie expert? Lol. Wasn't trying to be an expert at all though. Just sharing my opinion. And... According to a few comments I've received, my posting my opinion has actually been helpful to a few others that have considered watching a movie that I just watched. Nice to know. One person even asked where on earth I was finding so much time to watch movies. Lmao. I guess they missed the update, "I'm on a Staycation!" Lol
Which is now over!

One of my favorite moments from my Staycation was on Friday. We spent the day hanging out with some friends and then we started our search for some snowpants or something. We have plans to go tubing with our Married's Group at church this coming weekend. That'll be interesting. lol Stay tuned. So, after checking Walmart and Costco, we went into the thrift shops. Salvation Army. We couldn't find anything for Furman, but saw a few things for me. Well, Furman found one snow suit in particular that looks almost like new. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. The price - $14.99 for each piece as far as we could figure. What do you think? It had a tag on the jacket and one on the bottom. That was ok because it certainly seemed to be worth $30 to me. We checked it thoroughly wondering what was wrong with it. Zippers were ok. Couldn't find any tears. I'm telling you....it is in great shape.  So, I went to pay. At the cash, they had a sign posted saying that Feb 15th was 50% off all clothing items. Really? Would that include my snowsuit? When it was my turn I struck up a conversation with the cashier while she rang up my snowsuit. Oh..and two matching hats I picked up that were 2 for $1. All of a sudden...I felt like the Ikea lady in this commercial!!  One of my favorites. LMAO! I really did. Couldn't wait to tell Furman.

First thing I did when we stepped out of the store was double check my receipt. My total purchase was $7.99. I'm thinking..."You can't be serious!" I expected that if I got 50% off that i'd still be paying $15. Did she make a mistake? I wasn't going back in to ask. Should I have? Customer may always be right, but not today! I was wrong....the $14.99 tags didn't mean that was the price for each piece. The tag did say it was 2pc. I lucked out! Feeling blessed! Now...let's see if we get as lucky with something for Furman. But, after a couple more stops, we figured that wasn't going to happen. It's ok, we still have time to find something for him. Even though we'll be tubing with or without. lol

So...I'm back at work tomorrow.

Enjoyed my time with the hubby very much.  
Now...to wake him and my daughter up so we can get ready for church.
Still can't believe they slept through that alarm clock!!
Love you Furman. Thanks for putting up with me. hahaha

Later...it's another movie...with my daughter. She is studying The Shawshank Redemption. Awesome movie.

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