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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We Did It! Again!

Can't believe it!
Really can't!  Lol
So proud of both of us.
So thankful for my husbands awesome support and capturing of our special moments in picture and video....and for that of my FB friends who took the time to post encouraging and congratulatory comments. 
I am blessed.
Sorry it took me several days to blog about it....but I needed some time to recover. lol
 We were completely exhausted!
But not too exhausted to pose up with our BLING!

Did I mention that I can't believe we did it? lol
What a feeling.  (Song came to mind...I just had to!)

During the run we both felt awesome. Kept checking in with each other to make sure that nobody was having any knee pain or hip pains. When we needed to slow down just a tad, we did so. We are a great team.
The result - A finish time of 2:20!!!
Not bad for our very first Half Marathon. Furman figured we'd finish somewhere around 2:30. Hell, we would have been happy with that too! So, it was nice to make him proud and blow our own minds. lol. When we got down to the last stretch, Catie reminded me that it was time to book it to the Finish Line. Lord knew, I didn't have very much energy left because those last few kms were hard as hell. (Definitely is mind over matter) But....I did my best. Couldn't let Catie finish ahead of me when we stuck together the whole way. Noooo....we had to not only start together, but end together too. And, that's what we did. Grabbing each other's hands and raising in the air as we crossed the finish line.

We've earned these now!!
 Already on my car!!!  Woo Hoo!

And....just when you thought we had enough.......we've already registered for the Ottawa Race Weekend.
Yup....we are going to travel to Ottawa for May long weekend and run another Half Marathon. Go big or go home!!  It'll be a beautiful route that allows us to run through two provinces apparently. We'll be crossing the bridge into Gatineau along with running along the Rideau Canal. I sooo can't wait. Already knew I wanted to run in Ottawa, just never expected that it would be a Half Marathon!!  And guess what.....Furman can run this one with us. Yay!!  He laughs...because while we said we would NEVER run a full marathon...he already knew that we'd sign up for another Half. lol I guess he is right....we got the bug. We are addicted.

But...no gym for me this week. I'm gonna rest up before I get back in gear. In fact....i'm on holidays next week because my husband and I will be celebrating our Second Wedding Anniversary!! Imagine that! My, how time flies. And....I've got a birthday right after.
Oh...and as a treat for my birthday....I will be spending the day with my dear Half Marathon Running Partner (no, not Furman) - Catie.....at St Anne's Resort and Spa. Oh yes....we most certainly deserve to be pampered and get one of those Athletes Massages.  Can't wait. So happy that Catie decided she will be joining me!!  Love her!!

Anyways....I just wanted to make sure and update you all on my Half Marathon.

Yeah baby!!

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  1. Love you too darlin!! Can't wait till Ottawa!!! We got us a time to beat now!


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