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Friday, September 20, 2013

Mental Health Day

Today I took my very first Mental Health Day.

At least I don't recall having ever taken one.  Lol. Days off is not something I'm good at. 
I originally had the day off and decided that I would go ahead and work it.....only to decide to take it off after receiving some absolutely horrible news at work.  I need a moment or three to digest what they just gave us to swallow. They are relocating my team with no ifs, ands or buts. No real good reason, but just because they can. Cohesiveness and Collaboration. Smh. I'll be haunted by those words.
Of course, this news is devastating for all of us for a variety of reasons.
We tried to communicate this before.....when the threat was first uttered. Change is..
Powers that be might as well be wearing these t-shirts.....lol
Myself and another colleague live the farthest from our current office location. We already both drive just over an hour to get to our current location. So travelling to the new office location will be no joke. I've done it before for a week of training and it wasn't fun. The ride home was a definite assault on my patience. Oh my nerves!! Having to do it everyday? OMG. Let me say it again...

o m g!!

But I'm not going to get into my anger because its not going to make me feel better getting it out.  Nope...I digress. I will simmer quietly as I try to figure out how to put together all that this disrupts in my life. The list is long and started coming to mind as I left my dance class last evening. Oh..but let me just say...yes, I am still happy to have a job.

But.....today....I decided to take a day to avoid getting a migraine from the stress of this now pending move. Didn't want to go to work and talk about it. Because you know that would be the topic for the day since it was just announced. There would be no way to avoid it. Ugh! Nope...today I relaxed and happily prepared for another change in my life that is welcome. Oh, uh....more to come.

It'll be a nice long weekend for me. I took Monday off work as well.....you know, to recover from my First Half Marathon. Thought I might need it. Two more days before I can join an elite group of people. So, tomorrow I pick up our race kits and eat some pasta and just relax in general.

On that note....let me get back to my day/evening.
I may not be at work...but I was getting some work done at home. No more slacking off!
It's the weekend baby!!!

Oh....and I want to dedicate this song to my first born with lots of love!!

Keep me in your prayers this weekend.
That I finish my half marathon and with no injury.

Have an awesome weekend.
God Bless!!!

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