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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Giving Thanks

Hope everyone had an awesome Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.
Lord knows, we all have much to give thanks for....just, many don't even realize it sometimes. It's hard to think about giving thanks when things in life aren't very good.  I know, I've been there too.
But the list really does go on and on of why we should give thanks.
Like my Pastor mentioned on Sunday....we focus on Thanksgiving but many don't even mention who they are actually giving thanks to!!  Smh.

Almighty God....
I certainly am Giving Thanks!!

On Thanksgiving, and Everyday!

My greatest blessings are my two wonderful children and very handsome husband. And then I can't forget to mention my Mom. Love her dearly. Her health has been great the last couple of years and for that I am also very very thankful.

Now, after sharing an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner with some awesome friends..(Thanks so much to them for including us)...I get back to the gym this week. After all, I haven't been doing anything since We Did It! Again!  Yup, I've been a bit lazy. Ok, maybe more than a bit....but that ends now!!  But wait, maybe I am going too far by saying I haven't been doing anything because I have been going to my dance class.

What I'm supposed to wear.
In fact, last Thursday was hilarious because I forgot my shorts that I wear for class. LOL  I accidentally brought two tops.

Lucky for me....I had something in my trunk that I could use. Smh.

What I ended up wearing.
You can laugh!

My daughters old Solo Baton Costume.
I squeezed my butt into it.
Was too funny.
When I told Furman he begged me to please take a picture. hahaha
When I told my daughter she laughed and figured that I must have the biggest wedgie!!  hahaha
Awwww.....it wasn't that bad.
I ended up losing a few stones rubbing up against the pole though.
As I did my thing I heard something hit the floor and made a dash to collect what I could so that I could glue them back on. After all, my big butt shouldn't be in her costume messing it all up...but I was desperate. lol

I got the job done though!  Had a great class and learned how to do the Helicopter!!

Anyways.....I gotta start my day. Thank God it's a short week!  Looking forward to a very busy and exciting weekend. This week, I've gotta start getting used to new neighbors. (You have no idea!)
At work, I've got some ladies that moved in beside me who were previously moved to the office that I will soon be transferred to and who have now been moved back. Must have been some fight! Go figure! Long story! Wish I knew the secret. But I'm not going to start thinking about that upcoming move because my migraines will kick in. Instead, I'll think about other moves that I am excited about. And, enjoy my new neighbors. And remember to keep Giving Thanks!!!

Have an awesome week everyone!!

God Bless!!

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  1. Good job with the helicopter!!! I saw it when you posted it on Facebook


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