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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me?

Ok....so now, this time has actually been the longest break i've had between posts.
Never fear....Mrs White is here!  hahaha
Did ya miss me?
For those who actually may have....I'm sorry.
If you did, then that suggests that you are a regular reader which means that you may actually understand why I've been absent and knew that I would be returning. My last post College or Bust explains quite a bit.
At the same time, you may be a parent with a child returning to school and may have been too busy yourself to read. If that's the case, you didn't miss anything. lol

Soooo....lots have been happening for many. It's that time. We just had Labor Day Weekend which signifies that Summer is over. Done! Caput!
What now? BACK TO SCHOOL! For sooo many. With that, comes a lot of happiness as well as sadness for parents and students. Time for kids to learn more stuff and make new friendships. What's even more sad, is the tale of those children that will no longer have this opportunity. I'm referring to recent tragedies that have been in the news in my town involving youth. Who knows what's similarly happened in your town so I wont list mine. Just have to pray for the families and friends of these children everywhere.

I saw this prayer on Facebook so thought I would share it here too because it's dead on.
On that note, I want to wish all those who have children returning to school a safe and wonderful school year.

Anyways....even though I haven't written in a while I can't write long. Got lots to do. Have been covering for people on vacation at work which has been keeping me very busy during the day. Was still helping my daughter get settled in her dorm before classes began...which they now have. AND....I'm still getting to my dance classes too. In fact, I have officially ADVANCED!  (Starting next week actually) Woo Hoo. lol
On that note...just gotta share a couple videos of myself.  So proud. Doing the Corkscrew and the Pretzel. Think you can guess which one is which?  hahaha    Spinbuddies

Well....I'm off for now. But i'm here. Will do my best not to take so long to post. Things will eventually slow down which will give me a moment to update you on whatever. lol

Till then.....Have an awesome week.
Oh....and watch out for the little ones on the road!!
God Bless.

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