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Monday, August 26, 2013

College or Bust

It's been a busy and exciting week.
My youngest is headed for College.
In a way, she's already been there and settled in.
She's been taking advantage of college readiness courses and orientation stuff on campus.  This has helped her get familiar with residence since that's where she will be living. School is too far away from home to travel. (At least she thought so) And, she's been dying to be out on her own.
College or Bust
Move in - Yesterday!

I remember many years ago when my son was moving into residence at a university out of town. It was quite the experience moving him in to a city several hours away and was hard as hell to say goodbye. Even though, it wasn't really a goodbye, it was more of a see ya later! But, it was still tough. After he was all moved in and it was time to leave he had said goodbye to his move in crew at the car. But, I followed him back to his room for a private moment - the mom speech. Lol When I resigned to the fact that I had to go, I gave him a hug and held on tight. A few moments seemed like forever. My son was leaving the nest. My firstborn. The young man of the house. I was trying my hardest not to tear up at a time I should be celebrating. Lol One less teenager around the house. Hahaha But, when I heard what sounded like my son trying to hold back the tears and probably not doing a great job at it...I had to tell him to stop!  He was gonna make me cry.  You know, like an infectious yawn.  But of course, the waterworks began. I couldn't hold it in knowing that he had become emotional in this moment as well. That said a lot in itself.  It was a beautiful moment I'll cherish forever.

This time....very different. I'm more prepared. My daughter has been helping prepare me along with the experience of already going through this with my son.  Oh....and she won't be as far out of town as my son was. Much easier to visit each other. And, let's not forget that Furman is here now. I won't be alone wondering who I can drive nuts. Haha. I got him!! 

So yesterday she officially moved in to Residence.
This is not our car but you get the idea! Lol
On the weekend we put off her packing time by doing some mom and daughter bonding. We went to the beach together.  Mind you, I had a previously scheduled GFS Event to host at the beach for which only one person indicated they could come along with several maybes. So, when we got to the beach we went to the spot I was supposed to meet the others ladies at.  We set up shop to be visible and played frisbee. Lol We both weren't very good at it. Haha. But it was fun. After about an hour, we figured nobody was going to show this time so we headed onto the sand past the many volleyball nets that had been set up with people playing beach volleyball. It was kind of cool.
Blanket, chairs, umbrella and a small cooler with some drinks.  We were prepared. Found a spot by the water and laid out for tanning. Lol. My daughter just wanted to get her toes wet. Lol Was so cute. Then we started being silly. Taking photos. What's going to the beach without taking the popular beach shot? 
And....I had to pose in the beautiful bikini my BFF Miss Caramel had given me as a gift. Had to let Furman know what he was missing while at work on a Saturday. Lol

After a little while longer, we retired the beach and headed over to Toronto Buskerfest. It was a nice walk through our city streets checking out the different booths and Busker entertainment. Took a few shots and a little video.  I had to capture the Silks performance because those classes are offered at Spinbuddies, but I just haven't been confident enough to try it. Soon!

Anyways....it was a busy weekend and I've gotta start work so I'll quit here. 
Just know that the move went well on Sunday after church (we visited a new church too, Hope For Today Fellowship, to support some awesome people as they prepare to open church doors to a community in need).  My baby is all settled into College now. Furman made sure everything was working as it should be before we left. It was a late night. 

Have an awesome week...and hope you all had an awesome weekend.

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