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Monday, August 19, 2013

We Did It!!

15k baby!!
All done!
I can't believe I did it we did it!!
So proud of myself!!
(Running the whole race without stopping to walk)
So proud of my friend Catie!
(Running with whole race without stopping to walk and while enduring knee pain)
Furman....he does this stuff all the time. lol 
I'm proud of his overall accomplishments, 
but this one....was for me and Catie. lol

I owe a lot to Furman for helping me get through it. Helping me train so that I could do it, putting up with my whining and trailing behind during training when I felt like I couldn't do it and just overall being a supportive awesome husband. Love him!
Thank you baby!!!

Sooo...here we go.......

and here is our bling!
It was an absolutely awesome day! Hot as hell! Complete with the support of my daughter, my BFF and her fiance. They were there to cheer us on and capture some moments in photo and video. lol Miss Caramel even came out while she was under the weather. Isn't that sweet? Gotta love her!
Thank you to all of them for their support!

After the Finish!
I like this photo for some reason.
Not sure what we were talking about but i'm sure it was something congratulatory.

This is the awesome shirt we got with our race kits. Absolutely love this shirt because it is long sleeve and because of what it says: "Run not with the feet but with the mind!" (on the front), Mind over Matter on the back with the race name on the back bottom of the shirt. A MidSummer Night's Run. This statement of the shirt couldn't be more true. What Furman has been telling me for the longest time. And...when I was around the 13k mark and realizing I still had 2 very long kms to go....I started talking to myself to remind myself exactly what Furman and the shirt were telling me..."Mind over Matter"!!!

"Run not with the feet but with the mind!"

And let me not forget to mention that I reached my fundraising goal of $300! All to support the Hospital for Sick Children. Thanks to those who lent their support via monetary donation.

So now, we prepare for the next race that has to exclude Furman because it's for women. Can I do it? That's about 7 more kms. Oh man!!!
                                                        Island Girl Half Marathon
But, I'm thinking that I might be in a bit better shape than I think because while I was in a whole lot of aches and pain the evening of the run, I felt pretty good the next day and even today. Slight ache in my hips yesterday but overall, I feel awesome. Today, was just an overall great day!!

I'll end with this Classic!
Love Bob!
Have an awesome week everyone.
God Bless!!

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