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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Run?

Gee.....I haven't even conquered my first 10k for the season yet and I am already contemplating registration for another run.  Am I losing it? lol I must be. Or in the opinion of selected others...I lost it a long time ago. hahaha But what am I saying?  I'm already registered for the Spartan Sprint in June and the Oasis Zoo Run in September to go along with the Toronto Yonge St 10k. What's another? Right?

Anyways...I've come across another run in my area that sounds interesting and seems to be fairly new. Starbucks Run for Women  Up and coming in Vancouver and Calgary too.  It's on May 12th for my location which is 3 wks after my first 10k. Wow....can't believe the Toronto Yonge St 10k is next weekend. Woo Hoo.  But i'm seriously considering registering for this Women's 10k. I checked out the Bling...cause you know that it's all about the Bling....and my oh my....different!  Instead of a standard medal, they are offering all 5 and 10k finishers a Bracelet. "Live, Laugh, Run"  I assume it is not the typical cheapy cheap bracelet that will turn green in a few weeks but I also don't expect it to be real Gold or Silver. It's a Foxy Original! Not that that means anything to me. lol But, I did look them up. Love Google!

A bracelet!! Wouldn't be too useful for Furman though. lol I know it's a Women's Run but I found out after my first Women's Run, Toronto Women's Run (the first 5k I ever ran for which they never offered bling..before I learned about Bling) that Furman could have actually run the race too. There were a few men in the crowd. But this one....for a bracelet?  lmao  Naw...I better do this one without him.  I don't think there will be any men running in this one.  Starbucks Women's Run....he'll have to skip this one if I do it.

I know that he is running the Toronto Yonge St 10k with me. He didn't tell me, I found out by accident. lol I'm positive he was trying to surprise me but I spoiled this one. I was checking my confirmed registration on the website and when I pulled up my last name it gave me a list of all others with the same. Low and behold...there was my husband's name. Awe...the joy of being married and sharing the same name...lol That wouldn't have happened before. What are the chances of that?  hahahaha

On that note, I've created the public event on Facebook for my reminder and I'm trying to solicit others to run too. Typical response...Good luck with that! lol  
  • I can find people that will crack up at the thought of doing it.  
  • I can find a few that might even express interest to do it and that's about it.  
  • But, to find someone that is serious and actually register to do it? Yeah...I know one woman that I can actually really count on for that. The one that got me started in this whole running thing. lol Anyone else is hopeful. 

At this point though...the one I can usually count on says she is interested but she wants to do the 5k which sucks because I have moved onto 10ks. Apparently though, I have a cousin that has expressed interest in possibly doing the 5k also. So do I do the 5k with them if they are serious? I really want to do the 10k. You get the same Bling either way and the registration costs are the same. lol  So....I'm still thinking about what to do, 5 or 10. If my cousin really registers then she can run with my friend who I know will register and I can do the 10k. I'll run alone if I have to.  I'll have to wait and see who I can get interested before I figure out what I am doing. Who will actually register.  I don't want anyone to run alone unless it's me. After all, it's easier to encourage someone to run a 5k than a 10k.  

I encouraged my cousin and registered before to support her in her first 5k and my husband registered to do it with us too because he was going to be here on a visit. I had done that 5k before with my daughter (who has no plans on doing one again...lol She can't understand why we would run for fun!  Was harder than she thought.) so I was just doing it again to support my cousin.  Turns out, my cousin didn't end up doing the 5k, although she registered (think she was sick..I don't remember now), and my husband and I did it in the drizzle anyways.  Everything worked out great though because it was the first run that I've ever done with my hubby. We made history. And...to make the memory even more sweeter....that same evening was when he proposed to me!! Yup..he sure did.

Starbucks Run for Women, I don't want anyone I encourage to register and run alone so I gotta wait and see who is doing what. That's ok though, because the registration cost doesn't change until the end of April. Still time to get in it. Yeah...i'm 80% sure i'm gonna do it!! I'm going to approach my daughter anyways and see if she's had a change of heart. Would be nice if I can get a group of us to run together. lol  Would be nice. Then, i'd do the 5k. Did I mention I really want to do the 10k?  lol

Stay tuned.

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  1. Have u always been into running? I can do pole but i cant run or jog further than 0.125km! Hahaha. I should train, its cool to do runs like u do. Any tips?

  2. Hey Sue Lin,
    I haven't always been into running. No way. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be running because i've been an asthmatic. When I climbed the CN Tower stairs the first time for charity about 2 yrs ago which was 1776 stairs...i stopped plenty of times with my inhaler. lol The same friend I did the climb with is who encouraged me to do my first 5k run. I don't even remember why. Think it was a bucket list thing. So I started training for it on the treadmill at work. Then, it became all about the bling. My first 5k I didn't get a medal because I had no clue that people often get medals for their accomplishment. So, we set out to run another 5k.....and then I did another. All in all...with my continued running, my breathing has gotten better and I now no longer have to use an inhaler for my asthma. I guess I can say i'm not an asthmatic anymore. Yay! It just turned out that my hubby is into running too...although he is way ahead of me in terms of ability. He wasn't a runner when we first dated 10 years ago either. lol Now...i'm onto 10ks and he is encouraging me to think big as in a Half Marathon for next year. Yeah right!! hahah I'll never say never though.

  3. Oh yeah....as for the TIP...if you are interested in running...start of slow. Trust me on that one. Do more walking in terms of distance and then start walking with a bit of a jog for as much as you can then walk again....each time just push yourself farther. It'll take time. First time I attempted to run 5k on treadmill it took me 45 minutes....when i eventually was ready to run my first 5k I was able to run it in about 32 minutes. Walk/Run....take your time. Set your goal...go for it! The health benefits are awesome.


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