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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ottawa Two Times!

My last post was about some new inspiration for my running. IRun4...Anthony  Be sure to check it out as this is a group that I definitely want you all to know about and possibly get involved in. I had to tell you about the group before I tell you about the run so you have a little background on what helped keep me going.

Canada Army Run Half Marathon!!

Yes....we were back in Ottawa after running the Ottawa Half Marathon in May but this time running a slightly different route which included going through the grounds of the Rideau House. I was kinda tired by the time we got around there so I can`t tell you much about it. hahahaha
Here is a shot we took prior to the run which was, as you can see, before the rainfall. 
About an hour into the run it started pouring.....but, we got it done!
Mind you, I was miserable as hell by the time it was over.I let Furman and Catie run ahead of me as I started getting into the`` %$"! this shit`` kinda mood as the rain started to come down and I was tired of trying to keep up. lol
Got an extra one for my buddy Amazing Anthony
2:31 for me!  Not my best time but considering the downpour of rain I ended up having to finish in I can say that I'm proud of myself to an extent. I definitely did better than I thought I was doing at the time. Now, while I am more determined to make some improvements, I am just not sure how much time I have before the next race. Detroit International Half Marathon Time is running out as I prepare for the trip of a lifetime, just around the corner. Stay tuned!!

I was hoping to blog just this past weekend and tell you about our run while back in Ottawa with Furman as he returned for work. But, we were slumming it this time, and the hotel we stayed at only seemed to offer Wi-Fi in the lobby which wasn`t working out for me.  I wasn`t about to stand by the window of the room trying to hold a signal. lol  So....I`m taking a moment now before bed to catch you up just a bit before I have too too many things to share and really no time to tell you everything.

But yeah, the race was a new experience. Running in the pouring rain that is. What was very meaningful to me as well, is the fact that when I made it to the finish line I ran into a cousin standing there in the pouring rain with her umbrella looking for us. She came just to support us and it was a great surprise and very much appreciated.

As I mentioned though, the weekend after the race, Furman and I returned to Ottawa while my friend and running buddy Catie travelled to go meet her buddy Garrett that she was paired with through WhoIRun4. All I can say is check out the article written about her visit: Super Woman Goes Distance for Boy with Muscular Dystrophy.  She is quite the gal that Catie!

As for Furman and I, I finally got to take a photo in front of the Terry Fox statue we missed on previous occasions. We did this while waiting to watch a memorial ceremony that was recommended we watch while in town. What a ceremony it was. Hundreds and hundreds of police officers from all over Canada marching to Pariliament Hill to remember the fallen. It was quite an amazing site!

It was a wonderful weekend but not as wonderful  as wonderful as the weekend that is to come.

On that note, I`m about to retire for the night but will definitely try to write again before my ship sails.

God Bless

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