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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Countdown to...

I am just about ready to start another countdown.

I can say that we have 10 more days before my next Half Marathon in Ottawa. Canada Army Run
For which I am still getting ready for. :)

But, that wasn't the countdown I was thinking about. lol
Then there are about 38 days until we run the Detroit International Half Marathon. That will be a nice one through the tunnel between Windsor and Detroit.
But that also wasn't the countdown I was thinking about. lol

I am actually referring to the trip of a lifetime...at least for me anyways.
Furman has done his share of world travelling just from his military experience. Me...I haven't travelled near enough.

Really though, I just realized the other day that this time next month we will be in the Mediterranean. Yup!
Cruisin! Liberty of the Seas

Our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary is just around the corner and  we will be in FRANCE. FRANCE!! Woo hoo. My how time flies when you are having fun. haha And to think, it seems like it really wasn't that long ago that I was doing a countdown to my wedding. Then, a countdown to Furman's official landing in Canada. But, it's been 3 years. 3 years!! (Almost 3 yrs of writing this blog too) And with my birthday being a day after our anniversary I have no problem sharing that I will also be turning 44, in FRANCE! Yup...44 yrs old. No matter which order you put the numbers you get the same result. 44!

And...I think I look damn good if I must say so myself. lol
Photo: Katelyn Bradshaw Photography
Katelyn Bradshaw Photography
Well, we've been planning our tours for our ports. I won't give any hints because I will be sure to have lots of stories upon our return. But check this out....if you know me, you know that I am absolutely horrible with a menu. Oh yeah! I'd be there forever with all the choices. Really not sure why I have such difficulty. Anyways, Furman sends me an email with a 45 page booklet of all the tours offered. You can imagine the difficulty I had making a decision. He wasn't helping me at all. Oh noooo. He is happy with whatever I choose if I could only make up my mind. Well, something to celebrate....I did it! No word of a lie!  I'm actually quite proud of myself too. lol I selected a couple tours in a reasonable amount of time.

So yes....the next several weeks will probably drag along, but it will get here. How on earth will I ever contain myself? The excitement. By keeping busy, that's how. Keeping at my training for my runs, my pole fitness, the usual drama at work, church, and anything else I can get into...like my golf lessons. lol Furman will have me at the driving range too, trying to perfect my swing that needs a hell of a lot of work. Oh yeah!

Speaking of my swing....                                               
Yeah....so this is what I did to Furman's driver. lol Was not even funny at the time until after I had gotten over the shock of what I had done. I can laugh about it now. Crazy! Maybe I really need to stick to Pole Fitness.

Anyways....when we had gone to the driving range this particular evening we had decided to hit the balls off the green instead of off the mat. My choice of course. Furman always gives me that. Love him! Well, it takes a while for me to get into the swing of things. lol When I finally got going and seemed to be on a roll, with Furman's coaching I was trying to remember everything he had been telling me about my stance, my arms, my head, my swing....well damn...so much stuff to think about just to swing at the ball.....but when I was getting it it was time to try and shift my focus to listening for the SWOOSH! That's what I did.

This was not the hit....but it's me TRYING to figure this stuff out. lol

After a few pretty good hits, and being down to my last balls, I took a really good swing determined to give Furman a SWOOSH! Well.....I can say....I heard the damn SWOOSH! I sure did! But as I tried to follow the golf ball across the range I also had to follow the head of the driver that broke off and flew after the ball. hahahaha  I have no clue how far my ball went because I was then focused on the fact that I just broke Furman's driver. Damn! Looking around I am wondering if anyone saw the damage I just caused. lol If only Furman got this hit on video. But it must have been an ok hit. My opinion anyways.....because the head of the driver went a good distance. hahahaha  Smh. Crazy! I felt sooo bad. Furman wasn't mad though. He was stunned i'd say. How on earth?

When we managed to collect the driver head from the range, Furman inspected it for some clue of what I did. Saw a big dent on the head. Clearly I must have been hitting the ground instead of just above the ground to knock the ball off the tee. Something that Furman has been trying to tell me not to do. lol I'm working on it. I obviously wont be working on it with Furman's driver anymore. hahaha You know I certainly wont be touching the new one he gets. Ok, Got....because he Got a replacement already since I signed him up for a golf tourney with the men at church for this weekend. I'm definitely not there yet, no tournaments for me anytime soon. Low and behold though, when he had an opportunity to review some video of my shots he taped prior to the big hit, he confirmed what he had thought....that I had been hitting the driver head on the ground too much. We actually saw a little spark. A Spark!! Oh.....My....Goodness.

Oh well.....I'll end my story here. But the driving range is certainly on my list of things to do to keep myself busy over the next several weeks. I gotta get myself better at this golf stuff so that I can finally play a game with my hubby and anyone else who might be interested in dragging me along. FOCUS! Working on it.

All the while.....I will be remembering my COUNTDOWN!!

God Bless                                                 

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