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Friday, October 3, 2014

Buen Viaje

buen viaje
bon voyage
buon viaggio

I thought I would take a break from packing to blog just one more time before I left on a most anticipated trip. Furman and I will be Cruising the Mediterranean on Royal Caribbean`s Liberty of the Seas Sunday, so we fly to Barcelona Spain tomorrow to meet our ship. I am soo excited. We are catching the Red Eye!

This is a much much needed vacation, for me anyways.
I`m not sure if Furman is as excited as I am. He doesn`t really show it. (No, I don`t expect him to be jumping up and down acting a fool. I know he`s a man. lol. I`m just saying!) He already travels all kinds of places already, and has been to many destinations from his time in the military, so this probably is nothing for him. Another flight, another destination. And when he returns, he will be flying off again and again - for work. But, I can say that this will be a first for him as well....so maybe he is as secretly excited as I am. hahaha
Me.....oh man, I love to travel and certainly don`t see as much as I would love to. So.....here we come baby!!!  One more sleep!!

I`m just about finished my packing, I think. I`m sure I packed too much but as long as I am not overweight at the airport, who cares. I`ll throw stuff out of my bag if I have to...lol I`m NOT missing that flight.  :)


The Special Occasion - Our Third Wedding Anniversary!!!  Woo Hoo  And...my 44th Birthday!! 
Yup, day after the anniversary. I was strategic in my thinking when putting that together. He will NEVER forget. lol So, we`ll be in Provence for the Anniversary and Nice for the Birthday. Oui Oui! Let`s see if my French comes back to me. hahaha  Been so long since I`ve spoken any.

In remembrance of my Wedding three years ago at Beaches, Negril, I thought I`d share this photo of Furman singing to me during our first dance. And if you click just below it, you can hear the song he was singing.  Love you soo soo much Furman.

Happy Anniversary to my most wonderful husband. 
May God continue to bless us with many many more!!

And I have already received the best Birthday Gift in having my husband - and celebrating in France. Not sure he can top that although I`m certainly open to him trying. hahaha

On that note, I`ll get back to my packing and making sure I`ve got everything I need. I don`t want that feeling on the plane that I`ve forgotten something because that would totally be me.

When I get back, everything gets back to normal.
Back to being miserable at work.
Back to my Spinbuddies classes.
Back to running.  Got a half marathon to run in Detroit, Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank International Half Marathon, and it`s going to be a tough one considering I haven`t really had time to run since my last half marathon a couple weeks ago. Ottawa Two Times It`s all good though. I`ll it get done and then retire for the season. Catie is already talking about planning to do the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Nashville. lol Gotta love her...she knows I love to travel. So....let`s see if we make this one happen.

Anyways...I was trying to get back to my packing. So, I`ll stop writing here and end by sharing a video of me `Dancing it out` in class. Something we do at the end of every class before we do our cool down exercises and stretches. A great way to review stuff we`ve already learned so we don`t forget the moves while working on new stuff.

Notice the splits. lol Who would have thought it would have taken me 43 years to learn how to do them. 

God Bless and have an awesome week.

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