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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Blessing - Festival of Hope

I have to tell you about a total blessing. Something I have been meaning to do but didn't get around to till now. Furman is traveling for work yet again (Winnipeg) so I'm taking a moment to blog before bed.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Festival of Hope. A three day event intended to draw thousands of people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. And, that it did! My oh my.

Our church arranged for buses to take people down to the event on Friday and Saturday evenings. Well, because I work so darn far from home there would be no way to make the Friday evening bus so I signed us up for the Saturday - youth night. This suited us just fine because who we really wanted to see was Lecrae, a Christian Hip Hop artist we first heard when volunteering at Wonderjam.

Once downtown we had to make a trek from where the buses were parked to the Air Canada Center, but we were among many headed to the same place. When lined up to get into the ACC, as people were going through security, we were approached by an interviewer for 100 Huntley Street. Really though, my friend caught her attention because she knew who the interviewer was and the interviewer caught that. So, the interviewer wanted to question my friend where she knew her from. That, prompted her to go ahead and ask us for an interview. If you know me, I was like "Sure" why not? My friends, hesitant, shy. So, they stood by me while I did all the talking before they quietly slipped away unnoticed by me. lol Finding the interview online, much of what she asked me was on the cutting room floor. But, it's all good.

Check it out:
100huntley.com - The Greater Toronto Festival of Hope Saw Hundreds Coming to Jesus

They should have left the part where I gave my opinion that there would be many that would receive Christ that evening because I was absolutely right. I had no idea!  It was crazy!

For us, the night started off slow after having difficulty finding a seat in the venue. No saving seats but people were saving seats everywhere. So, we ended up on the third level. Good thing too, because if we sat where we were headed we would have been way too close to what turned out to be very loud music. Damn I'm getting old! lol But, we had a decent view and could hear everything just fine. Well, fine enough when the music wasn't overpowering the vocals which for much of the night seemed that way, till Lecrae came on of course.

After several artists performed, Franklin Graham took the stage (Billy Graham's son) to lead people to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour. After listening to several great testimonies of the artists who performed, it is safe to say that plenty were touched. God spoke to them through the music. It was almost as if it was halftime at a football game and everybody was getting up to go get food or refreshments. People started leaving their seats and headed to the floor. It was quite amazing and I was shocked at the numbers. You know I had to take a photo.
                   Photo: WOW!  The floor is filling up full of people wanting to live their lives for Christ. Amazing how many are still coming from everywhere.  God is good all the time. What an Altar call.

I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to see soo many young people and people in general make such as important and life changing decision.  God is good and was definitely in the house.

Once people were back in their seats - LECRAE!  Let me tell you, as expected, the place went wild. He certainly was the crowd favourite. Was definitely ours.  He played several songs from his different albums including his newest from his album Anomaly - NUTHIN. (My favourite so far). He saved the best for last as he pulled the usual performance stunt by ending the show and when people started to leave he came out for the encore and hit us with another good one. lol Was awesome to watch people around us singing along through the entire performance knowing the words, and watching some people jammin that you might figure would never like this kind of music. It was a great atmosphere. Like Kirk Franklin once said, "Just when you think Gospel Music has gone too far". lol Man...it was awesome. Watching the young you'd think they were at a Kanye West concert of something....without the jerk and foul lyrics. lol

Lecrae Earns First #1 on Billboard 200 and he totally deserves it. I don't know him but I am certainly proud of him and happy to invite others to check him out. His music is definitely worth the buy and both his music and testimony was truly a blessing.

On that note, i'll end here with a bit of Lecrae so you know where to find him on YouTube. Better yet, rush out to get his CD. Great for praise in the car.
Here are a couple of my favourites.

This one is about how Rappers of today are really singing about NUTHIN!  Sooo true!!

I'm turnt.....Hmmm? What is he talking about? Come on...check it out.

Hope you enjoy. Get a Blessing and look more into Lecrae and the many other Christian artists that performed at Festival of Hope. Different flavours of Christian music with powerful messages and praise to God Almighty!

Hope you catch a Festival near you!

God Bless

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