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Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Been A Few Weeks

Ok...Now this is officially the longest I have gone without blogging.

Part laziness....Part waiting and hoping that I'd have really good news to share that hasn't yet come to pass.
I was tempted, but at the same time didn't want to write what was going on for fear of jinxing myself.
Yup....something was going on that I was excited about of which my bubble has pretty much burst now.

I'm not going to give too too much information right now because I am still holding out slight hope that my ship will come in one day soon. Know what I mean? lol I've talked about ships before in a previous post so if you are a regular reader you might know what I am talking about.

What I will say is that several weeks ago my colleagues and I were presented with an awesome opportunity to shake free of something that has kept us in a type of bondage. An opportunity that would only be given to two people that either volunteered or were voluntold. Me, I didn't think I had a chance because a few of my colleagues were already interested in jumping ship. After all we have been going through the last year and a half, who wouldn't? But, I volunteered anyways, to make a statement.

Oh...and a statement was made!!  Believe you me!! Just wasn't by me! ROFLMAO

A big big statement was made by not only the amount of volunteers that were received to jump ship, but by who actually volunteered to jump ship. lol It was hilarious! While we totally believe that the opportunity was meant for and expected to be given to specific people...a monkey wrench was thrown into the plan when two volunteered who have been on our current ship for a long long time. It was all done undercover too! Brilliant! Almost like a Big Brother backdoor situation! Nobody had a clue. lol Oh...and they volunteered for the same reasons we were! Who knew? I couldn't have been more happy for them and giddy at the thought of how they did it. lol They did it on the sly, waiting for the very last minute to throw in their names...probably because they knew of a few others that were interested that were talked out of it. I think it came as such a shock to those who offered the opportunity in the first place. Like I said, we think the offer was intended for specific people but it just didn't work out that way. As a result, they were even made an offer to stay that they kindly refused. Maybe now, some will see the light we have been trying to shine on a situation.

So, while this opportunity passed me by I was ok with it. God knows it wasn't my time. And, I think that God has something better in store for me. I am just waiting on it and you know I will blog about it when that time comes. Can't wait! And I have been praying. In fact, i'm praying for a few people I know that are in a similar situation and need relief. God has a plan!

In the meantime, I've been doing what I usually do. Trying to get my run on. Keeping up with my pole classes and getting hooked on a new Netflix show. The Killing I've gotten through two seasons and I am totally hooked. I love investigative shows. It took two seasons to solve one crime and you couldn't guess who did what which is what I loved. They kept you guessing right to the very end. Furman...well he is still trying to learn the game of golf.

I did a photoshoot with Spinbuddies this weekend though. Katelyn Bradshaw Photography Cannot wait to see the photos. It's funny how after the photoshoot I started to think about all the poses I should have done. lol
Photo: Ready for tomorrow's photo shoot. Which pose you like better?
I remembered to do this one. The Butterfly!
Guess i'll have to save some poses for another photoshoot. But, I took a selfie (not something I do a lot of) and had my pole buddy take a shot of me in my outfit. Furman went shopping with me for something cute and this is what we found. I had to take a photo. Couldn't make him wait till the photos were ready. lol
Notice the black under my eyes for the complete character? Furman cut those for me from black duct tape. My outfit was a team effort. lol

Now, long weekend is over and it'll be back to work. The next couple of weeks will be awesome though - People are off on summer vacations. Furman....he'll get an opportunity to travel out west for his job. Can you believe this? I really did get into the wrong line of work. lol He'll get to visit parts of Canada I've never been to yet. Go figure! Getting CANUCKINIZED! (Ok, well not really...because he will be in and out) In the meantime, I'll have to stick to watching The Amazing Race Canada to see parts of Canada I've been curious about. lol We'll get there together one day.

I'll end here. Time for me to get back to my show. I've started Season Three which has started a new crime.

Wishing everyone an awesome week.

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