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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weeks of Peace

My husband got to travel to Medicine Hat, Alberta this week for a workshop with his job.
Medicine Hat!!  What on earth is in Medicine Hat?
Well he sure can't tell me because he didn't get to see anything really. lol But, he can say that he was there.
On the way back he stopped over in Calgary for a connecting flight.
He thought of me!
Got me a t-shirt!!  Love him!!

While he was gone, I had a sleepover with my daughter to celebrate her 19th birthday. We went to Red Lobster because that is where she wanted to go. She's got a thing for Shrimp. lol So, we stuffed ourselves and definitely enjoyed each others company.  I miss my mini-me!! Love her so much and so damn proud of how well she has done over the last year. Damn proud! Cause she went through a rough patch and came out of it with flying colors!

Other than that, the week was kind of quiet and enjoyable. It's amazing how an atmosphere changes at work when the toxic person is not around. It was hilarious to see how many other colleagues felt so at peace too. Thank you summer holidays! And, this coming week will be just as peaceful. But, kind of nervous for tomorrow. We are expecting some important news to be shared and just don't know if it's bad or good. Minds can create all kinds of scenarios when you don't know. And my oh my did my colleagues and I come up with a whole bunch. lol As long as I still got a job, I'm happy. So, we'll see. Nothing that I'm stressed about though. But, I got fingers crossed for a variety of reasons. We'll see.

Anyways.....I should stop writing because my hubby is almost home from a nice day at his second golf tournament. He has really gotten the opportunity to practice what he's been learning from the driving range and off YouTube. Soon, he can help me if he has the patience. lol

Wishing everyone an absolutely wonderful and blessed week.

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