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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lady Golfer - Ready to Join My Tiger

It's official.  I'm all set.  Ready to join my husband in learning this game of Golf!

A game that my husband has been told he is supposed to learn to get away from me, not to play with me. ROFLMAO

ANYWAYS.....After church today we stopped at our local Thrift Shop because Furman was trying to find a strap for his golf bag. So, he bought a new bag (without clubs) that came with a strap as well as a golf club pull cart.  Total=$12
While at the cash we noticed a few golf club sets. We've noticed this before but weren't sure if they were for sale because they were behind the counter. Why weren't they out on the floor?  So, I enquired.  Yup. They were for sale. So the cashier started looking for prices. But out of the three that were there, I had my eyes on a set in a red bag. Figures that he couldn't find the price for them so he advised that he couldn't sell them.
Lucky for us, another worker came by and he spoke to her about the missing price tag. Turns out that she found one. $40! I heard her say from a short distance away. No flipping way! I'm thinking.

Oh, but it gets better.... There was an added discount for some reason that dropped the price down to $10 for the entire set.  No lies! Immediately she made a joke with us and told us not to haggle her for a lower price. Lmao. You know I was getting them. I'd be crazy not to. START THE CAR!! START THE CAR!! 
I needed a set to learn on before I decide to invest any serious money in the sport. 
$10 Baby!!!
Next stop, Canadian Tire , where we bought a golf glove for my left hand since I am a right handed player. (Because I didn't know I already had two at home with some other golf gear I had in storage) For the record, it wasn't a special trip for the glove either. Lol Just something we happened to get while shopping for something else.   

But now I'm all set to join my husband so we can learn together.

I'll add the clubs to the rest of the golf gear I just happened to have around the house that has never been used. Lol. Long story. 

Nancy Lopez gear


Now check back with me because I am hoping I'm not going to be like young kids who have a passion for something for a short while only to move onto something else. Lol 

Nawwwww....Lady Golfer in the making - Ready to join My Tiger! lol

Hope you all had a great weekend.
God Bless for the new week.
Thanks for reading.


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