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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I've  been having some computer problems but I'm ok right now as I got a loaner. So, let me try to finish these cruise posts. I started off trying to write about two stops in one post but there really is just too much.

So, let me continue with our next stop on our Mediterranean Cruise after a lovely Wedding Anniversary looking at Marseilles from the ship. Lol. (You gotta read the last post to understand if you haven't already Barcelona-Marseilles) As I mentioned, we were going to be better prepared so we actually went to the Shore Excursions Desk and booked a tour for our next two stops. From home, I had only booked tours for Rome and Naples before leaving. After all, looking at the excursions book was like a menu and if you know me you know how I am with menus. lol


We got up early to catch the tender boat ashore for our tour.

We didn't go into Nice or visit Cannes. Here is where we I chose for us to take a scenic ride along the French Riviera to Monaco & Monte Carlo.

It was my birthday! Happy Birthday!
What an awesome and beautiful place to spend it with my honey. I couldn't ask for anything more, but maybe to have my kids there too.
So to start our day we got on our tour bus and we were off...driving along the same route of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
View from the back of the bus driving along the French Riviera.

Our first stop was the Prince's Palace of Monaco.

It was a bit of a gloomy day and rained a bit but it was still beautiful. I wish I could share so many of the awesome photos we took.  

Such a beautiful view!

After our visit of the Prince's Palace we went for a stroll around Monaco and paid a visit into a local church where we took even more awesome photos. Such architecture and marvelous paintings.

We even learned about the importance of Princess Grace to Monaco.

As it rained lightly, we head back for our next stop in Monte Carlo. You know, where they hold the Monaco Grand Prix. 
Who hasn`t heard of the Grand Prix?

Here, we stopped by the Casino for some photos too, although we didn`t go inside and tried to find some wi-fi while we waited for the others to gather so we could bus back to our starting point in Villefranche.

Following our tour, we took some time to walk around Villefranche. Got myself a Grand Prix t-shirt and we found a cute little spot to sit down and enjoy a French Crepe. After all, we were in France. lol  Again, we took some more awesome photos before heading back to the ship for another wonderful night. 

We had some more celebrating to do!!

44 Baby!!  It's my birthday! Happy Birthday!!

I am such a blessed woman and I definitely thank God for all my blessings and lessons I had to learn to get them. lol

I can't say France was the best birthday ever because that was 3 years ago when I got married the day before it - my husband is my best gift...but this was a close second.

Villefranche Sur Mer, France
Back at the ship, we sat at a different table in the dining room for dinner than we had the night before. Quickly, we learned to appreciate the service we had already previously received. Even though we thought our waiter of the night before seemed a bit stuck up, this nights service just wasn't the same. And, our previous servers made sure we knew it by remembering that I was celebrating a birthday. Although we weren't at their table, they made sure to come to our table to present me with a Happy Birthday dessert. It was soo nice. So, we made sure to request that for the rest of our cruise we get to sit in the same section served by our waiter Lynford and assistance waitress Dinah. They even had an assistant they were training named Perry who carefully watched our glasses of water to make sure they were never empty. It was too funny.

After dinner.....well, it was time to tour and have fun on the ship! Karaoke? LOL
Then, off to bed for another exciting day, in Italy!! La Spezia - (Florence/Pisa)

Another Panoramic shot - Villefranche Sur Mer

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